I Wish They Taught Money In High School {Back-to-Back Book Review}

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These back-to-back books about money, penned by 2 good friends, were the very first book for review that I received this year and rather timely, too, as I really aim to change my attitude towards money this 2014 and, hopefully, build up my savings and more! The 2-books-in-1 come in two parts: the one for those who aspire to start their own business, while the other one tackles the topic of living beyond your regular paycheck. The books were written in a very simple, down-to-earth manner that each of us will understand. Those business and money jargon that would definitely give those who read about them a nosebleed, is surprisingly explained in layman’s terms, which are much easier to digest. Each book is comprised of 50 or so pages, which makes it very easy to read, too, anyone can finish them in one reading. I was just not able to read it as soon as I can as I have been preoccupied with other matters, but I bought it in one of the little man’s playschool/tutorial session and I was able to finish it in one sitting. So now I am off to sharing this wonderful blessing with you.

I wish They Taught Money In High School in a nutshell

books, reading, book review, money talks, money matters

The other side of the book, So I’m Not Dependent On My Paycheck, speaks about how you can stop being dependent on your paycheck. Keeping a regular day-job herself, author Clarissa Seriña-De La Paz talked about tips and ways on how one can start making passive income while keeping their regular 9-5 job. It is chock full of practical yet brilliant ideas on how one can augment his income from his regular job and finally become financially independent. One important point the book stressed out is that the change in our attitude towards money can really make a big difference in how we handle our finances. A shift in our “moneytude” can actually spell the difference between us being dependent on our paycheck to the day we retire or accumulating actual assets that will enable us to earn even while we were sleeping! The author encourages her reader to not be afraid to talk about money, to learn more about it, and use it to work to their advantage.

The author imparts these 5 interesting tips on how you can finally stop being dependent on your paycheck:

  • Start small
  • Make a habit
  • Acquire more knowledge
  • Raise the bar of creativity
  • Think outside your salary

Another point this book clarifies is to not be afraid of applying for those credit cards and making it work in a way that it would become an asset to any cardholder, instead of a liability. Applying for a credit card and using it smartly, opening a bank account with a Php10,000 maintaining balance, as well as continuously creating something out of nothing {which, in return, enables anyone to earn} are a few of the tried and tested secrets the author revealed.

Lastly, and it was rather surprising to read this in a “money” book as I initially thought they would just speak about money, wealth and 1,001 ways to acquire them, the author shared that “the most powerful secret of all is gratitude.” She encourages her readers to maintain a grateful attitude and notice how a shift in their point of view attracts tangible richness.

books, reading, book review, money talks, money matters

The other side of the book, So I Can Start My Own Business Right Away, on the other hand, talks about exactly that, how to start your own business even when you have little or no capital. This book sure defies our age-old belief that only those who have the means, the money, to start up their own business can actually do so. The author, Sharon W. Que, who has been exposed to the family business since she was 2, talks about how she views owning and running her own business as a way of life. She discussed how one can start up with a small capital and multiplying the income you get from this business by participating in other money-making pursuits.

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“Start Something” By Yeng Remulla

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I cannot have received this book in the most opportune time when I got this in time for my birthday. I needed the inspiration and the encouragement to get up and get things done as I was having a series of early {?} mid-life crisis episodes. This book sure gave me a whole new perspective on things and life in general and it encouraged me to get up from the rut and get things done as I am someone created with the faculties and abilities to get anything I put my heart and mind into, done!

Start Something in a nutshell

The book byline says: Jumpstart the work you’ve been dreaming of

While this is what the back of the book says:

You want this new start. 

But somehow, something is stopping you. You can’t put a finger on it. 

Fear. Worry. Uncertainty. The what ifs.

You don’t have to waste your time sitting and waiting. Stop flying under the radar. Know that you have what it takes to make things happen. 

START SOMETHING is a book that will get you unstuck. It will change your mind and compel you to start that one thing you have been putting off.

inspirational books, Filipino authors, books, reviews, book review

This 186-page paperback is further sub-divided into easy-to-read chapters, and includes a handful of colorful anecdotes and inspiring quotes. It is also peppered with quirky and creative illustrations that will make your reading experience all the more pleasurable.

Start Something retails at Php380 and is a perfect gift item to your family and friends for the Yuletide Season. You can also avail of free shipping if you order your copies from productivepinoy.com or you may click on the image below:

This books is penned by Yeng Remulla, who is also known for his highly-acclaimed book Productive Pinoy, that achieved outstanding reviews from people in business, government, church and the media. He writes with wit and humor, and is very adept at explaining seemingly complicated thoughts and ideas with simplicity. Apart from being an entrepeneur, he is also a Real Estate investor and an advocate of arts, Entrepreneurship and Continuous Learning.

Yeng Remulla is also an effective speaker and a coach and was invited by many organization to speak about  productivity, entrepreneurship and the art of starting. In fact, he is slated to to speak at Jumpstart Your Success BGC, happening tomorrow, 30 November from 1-6PM, at Seda Hotel, Bonifacio Global City. This three-part seminar will also be spearheaded by Radyo5 and Aksyon TV host and Strengths coach, Ardy Abello, and Victory Alabang Senior Pasto, Ariel Marquez. Seminar rate is at P2,200, inclusive of light snacks and workbook, as well as complimentary copies of Start Something to first 20 registrants. You may visit here to register.

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Book Review: Jared’s Happy 4th Birthday Book From I See Me

Not too long ago, I was approached by I See Me if they can send over a free sample in exchange for an honest review. Books are my absolute loves and a personalized book for the little man {or for anyone in any age} is all right in my book, and I believe in anyone’s book, at any given time! :-))

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From a wide array of exciting books for children to choose from, I opted for this Very Happy Birthday Personalized Book for Boys. It was rather timely as my son will be celebrating his 4th birthday this month. A few weeks after I submitted my request for this book, we received the parcel at home. The book tucked safely in a sea of bubblewraps to ensure that my son gets it in the best of condition.

I See Me Books in a nutshell

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books
Jared’s Very Happy 4th Birthday book!

The I See Me Books are unlike most run-of-the-mill books you can simply purchase at any physical bookstores or any book shops online. They are personalized with your children’s faces and names, with your children playing a part of the book and being an important part of the story. Now, I know most mums will agree that there is nothing that thrills our kids that most, from the little babies to the ever-impressionable toddlers, than to see their faces or read their names on print! Call them little narcissists but they do get a kick at seeing their faces in just about anywhere, or reading their names on stuff they own, when they are a bit older.

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books

Out of a wide variety of I See Me books available, one of the other reasons why I opted for the Happy Birthday Book is that my son is now in the his reading-my-letters phase. He can now read all the letters of the alphabet and although he is still hard-up on stringing these letters into words, he can now spell his own name and recognize them when he sees it. I am sure he will be delighted to read his name in every page of this personalized book. Besides he also enjoys reading and is now rediscovering his love for mum-reading-aloud so he will surely have a fascinating time hearing me read all about the animals’ adventure in helping prepare a special birthday party for him! And did I mention he loves animals? Plus it is also a perfect tool to build up his anticipation for his upcoming birthday! 😀

books, reviews, book reviews, children's books
an invitation to the baker + the very first page of the book

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