Health: 5 Tips To Living A Healthier Lifestyle For Cheap

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Your body is a temple and needs proper maintenance for longer life and a healthier lifestyle. If you like to lounge around while others take care of themselves, then you are entirely taking the wrong direction.

In this article, we will explore tips that will help you develop a healthy lifestyle. Trust me; you do not have to spend a lot of money to live healthily.

Buy A Purifier For Your Home

Ever wondered why you have weird allergies at home. Alternatively, why do you often get sick? Well, the main reason for that is that the air inside your home is not conditioned. The best way to handle this problem is by buying an air purifier.

People usually install it near a window, or even, in their bedrooms. Their primary function is to destroy any odors and eliminate allergens that cause the air inside your home to be uncomfortable. We have so many cheap air purifiers in the market that you can buy.

Check for the ideal product for your home.

Eat Healthy food

tips and tricks, family, health, health tips, relationship tips

Once you make a decision that you will pursue a healthy lifestyle, you should watch what you eat. Nutritionists advocate that one should cook their food at home. It is best to avoid eating at a food joint because you do not know the ingredients that they include in their diet, which can be poisonous to your body.

You also need to avoid sugar. Sweeteners are better alternatives for tea. Do not submit to your cravings, especially when you have to maintain your weight.

Your diet should contain minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins, and right amount of fats for the growth of your body. When buying meat, choose to buy white meat instead of red meat.

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Weekends Made More Fun With Gardenia’s New Pocket Sandwich


I have always wanted to make my little man’s weekend more memorable. The best way to do this is to visit my parents’ home so he can spend time with his cousins. It is always awesome to spend time with my niece and nephew since my son is an only child. ¬†Also, I miss them so much since we do not get to spend more time with them. They are both growing up too quickly and it breaks my heart to not be a daily part of their lives. My nephew, Sean, is also turning another year older this month {my niece, Shane, just turned 10 last month} and I am amazed at how he’s grown from the tiny little bundle of joy who was too fond of biting his tita that I’d end up going to work with bruises on my arms.

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Of Early Morning Musings + Supermarket Flowers

A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved…

Musing about this new song I heard for the first time today. I guess it is official, motherhood made me soft, allowing a poignant song to reduce me to tears {wait, I have been tearing up on beautiful songs ever since I can remember}.

The ballad¬†sings of someone’s loss – his grandmother, and he sang it from the point of view of his mum. I guess this is why it struck a chord. I remember tearing up like this over his other ode, a song he made for his departed grandfather which reminds me so much of my parents who passed on a decade ago.

I was surprised that it has been that long. I remember the pain like they left yesterday. I feel the longing, the ache, the regrets, the tears, and the sorrow of words left unsaid fresh each time I awake. I remember the naivete of sincerely hoping that it was all a bad dream and they have just been gone for an early morning errand and would come back when we wake up the next day just like they always do.

I guess life has been busy and I somehow have mastered the art of being preoccupied, it was a fail-safe way to temporarily forget the heartbreak. But I guess I can only ignore it for too long. It has an uncanny way of creeping up when I am most vulnerable, like late at night when the world stands still but keeps nocturnals like me up with endless thoughts and generously-flowing creative juices. The loss and void was part and parcel of who I have become. I will carry it for as long as I live. Maybe on some days I can shrug it off, cheer myself, instead, with their fondest memories, but on other days, I guess the kindest thing to do is to let the pain engulf me and just cry it all out. I needed it to vent, I needed the tears to wash away the accumulated pains and hurts of the past 10 years living without the people I never imagined living without. It is unbearable to think that I will never get to see them again or hear their voices again, but I feel blessed that I see a glimpse of them in my siblings. I am thankful that even though I may not see my parents’ face again, I see their smiles in the eyes of my little one.

:film:video is from Ed Sheeran’s Official Youtube Channel

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