A Box Of Treats From Sweet Bunch

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I am not much of a sweet tooth but I do love my good dose of sweets from time to time and getting a box of sweet treats in the mail sure is a welcome surprise. That is why it sure brought a big smile on my face when I got this box of goodies from Sweet Bunch a few weeks back.

food, Reviews, product review

Excited and giddy like a little girl at the sight of these yummy baked sweets, I went on to inspect my box of treats and sampled a number of them at the same time! 🙂

food, Reviews, product review

I really appreciated that they sent me a wide variety of samples from their product line, that way I was able to taste a number of them and thoroughly enjoyed the gustatory experience.

food, Reviews, product review
Ghirardelli Choco Oatmeal Cookies

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Gorge On These 7 Foods That Will Never Make You Fat

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In most cases, when something sounds too good to be true, there is always a catch to it. Fortunately, the low-calorie foods mentioned in this article can be chowed down with reckless abandon without giving second thought to whether it will hamper your weight loss goals. On the contrary, eating unlimited amounts of the below mentioned foods will not only give you a host of health benefits, but also offer you plenty of fibre providing the body with as low calories as possible. Although, you might not see sweet treats such as chocolates and candies in the list, these nutritionist approved list of goodies can be eaten without any guilt feelings.

Celery stalks

Highly reputed in the diet world, celery is famously regarded as a ‘negative calorie’ food (which by the way is a misnomer). The actual meaning behind this popular term is that the body requires more calories to digest food than is being eaten. In scientific terms, it is known as the thermogenic effect of food. Celery actually takes more energy to assimilate the food in the body than is required from the vegetable, which is where it gets its reputation as being a zero calorie or a negative calorie food.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers are delicious by themselves, chopped as sticks into a salad or quickly stir fried into a wok. They can be eaten by hollowing them out and stuffing with lean ground turkey mince and baked with aromatic herbs. No matter how you like bell peppers in your meal, it will always offer the same health benefits, minus the unhealthy calories.


Having found its way in every possible health food list, kale is an excellent vegetable to be included in one’s diet. In fact, dieticians say that it would be wrong to neglect this vegetable off simply because this vegetable provides extremely low calories while offering an abundance of healthful benefits.


Most cruciferous vegetables are highly recommended in a weight-loss diet, while broccoli leads the list. Broccoli belongs in the ‘zero-calorie’ category food list and is considered one of the best forms of vegetables not only for its high fibre content but also for its cancer fighting phytonutrients present in them. Broccoli can be eaten raw, steamed, sautéed or stirfried as an excellent snack or a side dish.


Always a safe bet, spinach is one of the leading leafy green vegetables that offer immense benefits to an individual. Apart from being a low-calorie food, spinach is extremely beneficial for people who work out intensely as it helps in nourishing the body right down at the cellular level. Food experts are of the opinion that the best way the body can recover after a rigorous workout is by eating greens.

Cherry tomatoes

Technically speaking, tomatoes are considered as a fruit rather than a vegetable, but since it figures so significantly in most of the vegetable and side dishes, tomatoes make for a healthy snack that is low in sugar. The next time you decide to pop grapes when you are hungry, consider having cherry tomatoes instead that offer the lowest amount of calories among all fruits.


Snacking on cauliflower is an excellent option, as it not only fills you up but offers a host of benefits, just like all cruciferous vegetables do. If you are not in the mood to chomp on raw cauliflower, try steaming them or stir frying them with a teaspoon of olive oil and flavouring it with little lemon zest and spices or herbs of your choice.

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Unforgettable Baptismal Celebrations For Your Little Ones Only At The Aristocrat!

products, food, kiddie party package, baptismal party packages

products, food, kiddie party package, baptismal party packages

Every milestone in our little ones’ lives is a momentous occasion worthy of special celebration. Baptismal is but one of those milestones and as mums who would always want to go the extra mile, we want it to be a day our children will always look back to with delight and our guests will always remember. The stress and hard work that comes with planning for the event, choosing food to be included in the menu, as well as the choosing the entertainment and shopping for the souvenirs for the party, is nothing compared to the beautiful smiles on our little angels’ faces and our invited friends on the day of the event.

Preparing for your little one’s baptismal celebration can be quite tricky and tedious, that is why it is such great news to learn that you can get anything you are looking for in a perfect celebration right in one place, The Aristocrat. They have got the basics covered starting with the delicious menu, beautiful décor and unique entertainment.

products, food, kiddie party package, baptismal party packages

The Aristocrat offers a unique way of making our children’s baptismal parties unforgettable! This mum was glad to have witnessed one of those beautiful baptismal celebrations and I was really smitten. The party is complete with fun activities the kids will absolutely love, including cupcake-decorating,  balloon twisting, face painting, a magic show, and with winged waitresses to boot! And what sets this The Aristocrat celebration apart from the other party celebrations offered by most restaurants around is the storytelling part. It is something the kids, and even the kids-at-heart, definitely enjoyed. After all, who would not enjoy a very exciting story about princesses and witches?

products, food, kiddie party package, baptismal party packages

The Artistocrat Baptismal Packages

products, food, kiddie party package, baptismal party packages

Mums can avail of The Aristocrat’s baptismal party package starting at Php32,250. This package includes:

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