Unboxing Our November #BuriBox

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Fueling the little one’s passion for reading and learning is something this mum is committed to. But with his penchant for the telly and his gadget and games, especially during weekends, I need to work overtime to distract him away from them and quick! That is why I am always on the look out for any materials that would pique his interest and any book that would encourage him to read even more.

I have read a lot about curated subscription boxes for children that include books, worksheets, and other educational materials but most of them are not available here. How I wish someone will come up with a local version so mums here can easily subscribe and have them delivered straight to our doorsteps!

I think you can very well imagine how excited I was when I discovered the all-new BuriBox.  I was even more delighted when I found out about their introductory promo. Can you imagine getting a box filled with books, arts and crafts supplies and activity sheets and I only had to pay for the shipping! I wasted no time and subscribed to the little man’s very first BuriBox!

BuriBox in a nutshell

books, from my mailbox, mum finds, tot schooling, educational products for children, books for children, subscription boxes for children

The BuriBox is especially-designed by Adarna House for the Filipino family to build a library of stories and a treasure trove of educational activities at home.

The box comes in 2 types:

  • Toddler Boxwith 4-5 kid-tested preschool books and multiple activities and worksheets for children aged 3-5
  • Young Reader Boxfilled with 5 award-winning books and multiple activities and worksheets for the beginning readers 6-8 years of age

I opted for the latter as it is more suited for my young bookworm. Each box is priced at Php799/month, inclusive of free delivery around Metro Manila! Initially, they only accept orders from Metro Manila, but I know you’d be interested to know that they know deliver to anywhere in the Philippine! I paid Php150 for  provincial shipping. When I subscribed, they were only accepting Paypal payments but I do hope they can include other modes of payment as not most people have a Paypal account.

Subscription to BuriBox is easy as pie using their website. You can also unsubscribe anytime you like, in case you opted not to get a box every month. I might just do the same since I also purchase books for the little man from different sources from time to time and scour the world wide web for printables, activities and worksheets that fit Jared’s current interests and inclination.

Unboxing the November BuriBox

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Another Surprise From The Mail: FunBites

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I guess I might’ve said many times before how much I love getting surprises from the mail. Oh well, today is but another one of those special days when the little man {with his dad, in tow} and I had to make a quick trip down to our local post office as I received a notice that a package is waiting for me there. We did that after our Thursday movie date and a quick bite at McDonald’s. I had no idea where this came from as I am not really expecting anything at the moment.

from my mailbox, i won, giveaway winnings, #fmsphotoaday

Turned out, it was the prize I won from Life’s Perception and Inspirations giveaway last year! Look what I got! A cool fruit cutter from FunBites! This is really such a surprise since the e-mail I got told me that I won a ring and a pair of fashion earrings. But I guess this one is way better as I can use it in my kitchen to cut the little man’s food.  Hopefully, with the help of this product, Jared will be a bit more keen on eating his solids 🙂

Thanks so much sis Demcy for this lovely surprise! ^_^

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from my mailbox: mary kay loots from SAHMOne

I guess I was beginning August (which is easily my favorite month for obvious reasons ;)) in the right foot as immediately after I went online on its first day, I received a good news from When SAHMOne Speaks! I won these Mary Kay goodies from Mummy Mitch‘s SAHMOne Post Blogversary Giveaway!

I received the goodies that same week + it includes a big black Mary Kay mirror and beauty loots which include some lipstick  + facial cleanser samplers, a liquid foundation (which I have tried once!),  + a lip gloss (which I have sampled, too!). They are all very chic + is enough to awaken the kikay in me (that persona is lying dormant around here somewhere ;))

Thank you so much Mummy Mitch + more power to your blog! 🙂

mytotsexactly CIB Monday

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