a surprise pink mail

I received this pink mail a couple of weeks back + look what it has inside – the lovely + colorful stickers given to me by PMC sister, Sigrid, the mommy blogger behind Lovingly, Mama, Marriage Markers + a host of other blogs!

There was actually a funny anecdote behind the reason why I got these beautiful stickers (free of charge, mind you :)). One day sis Sigrid sent me a personal message on Facebook telling me that I won from her giveaway + knowing that I’d be winning one of those personalized colorful stickers from her online business, Innov√© Grafx, I was excited, of course. + then after a while, she PM’ed me again saying she made an honest mistake + thought me for someone else.

I told her that it was not a problem, but to my surprise she said she’ll be giving me free stickers anyway! So generous! She even made me choose from her available designs + give my personalized specifications! I excitedly choose among her lovely designs + decide on Eeyore for my stickers, + Ben10 for Sean + Hello Kitty for Shane. Since Jared won’t have no use for these stickers just yet, I decided to share it with my niece + nephew, they can put the stickers on their school stuff.

I received the items not long after that + I was so excited to share it with my niece + nephew. Jared was actually also excited when he saw the stickers + wanted to have some for himself ūüôā

It even came with this cute note:

Thank you sis, Sigrid for this lovely gift, they sure does made me smile + I have actually put them to good use, in my budding new hobby, postcrossing:

Sharing my pink stuff through:

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