Welcome July!

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We are greeting this new month with sadness as we say goodbye to our Ditche {my Mama’s sister} but we all know that her suffering has ended and she is in a much better place now. I cannot help but smile, too, to think that they were probably having a little party for her up in the heavens with her parents, my parents, and my uncle {whom we used to fondly call Tito Pulis, because he was a police in his days}. I am sure my Mama is part of the welcoming committee, busy preparing the food if they ever get hungry and eat in heaven, that is!

This month will prove to be another busy month as we struggle to get up very early in the morning to get to school on time. It will also be filled with coercing, convincing and bribing the little man to do his homework first before attending to his toys or getting preoccupied with some other stuff. June sure was a very challenging month as I wait for my son to get used to his daily routine and I am hoping the new month will be a different story as he grows more accustomed to homework, reviews and other school-related activities. I am well aware that he is enjoying school coming home with new tales and singing new songs each day. We just have to work a bit more on his writing and hone his study habits further.

It was my online life who suffered the most last month as I had a self-imposed no-internet day on Sundays and found myself spending less and less hours online each day so that I can do more stuff around the house and devote hours to help Jared with his homework. But, although I have a number of pending reviews to work on and numerous backlogs to finish, I am enjoying every bit of time I spend offline especially while I wait for the little one at school. I enjoy meeting other mums and nannies who, like me, are also waiting for their wards to finish their classes. It sure is a breath of fresh air to meet new people, especially for stay-at-home mums who are mostly cooped up at home.

Oh well, I do apologize that I was not able to update this space as much as I’d love to but I am hoping I will be able to adjust fairly well this month so that I can come up with several posts each week. Do watch out for the following reviews:

  • Sweet Bunch
  • Novuhair
  • K5 Learning
  • 10Monkeys {which the little one is really enjoying, by the way}
  • Gigi and her Girl book review
  • Don’t Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! book review

I shall also be posting about the Making Memories and Party Planning event, which I have attended last weekend at the Medela House.

I know, this is really going to be a hectic month if I plan to work on those posts before this month ends, but I do hope I can get all the extra energy to stay up late at night or probably wake up much earlier so I can tinker in here before doing my mum duties. I hope you wish me luck.

greetings, mum's thoughts

Here’s to yet another busy but happy month ahead and may July treat us with kindness and grace. And yes, it sure are the little things that make life wonderful so keep an eye out on these simple yet beautiful blessings as you go about your day. :heart:

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Happy 4th Birthday Jared!

Four years ago I fell in love with a chinky-eyed little charmer and I have never been the same…

I had no idea what was in store for me when I became a mum four years ago and nothing have prepared me for my most profound experience ever. Being a mother to my little man was the happiest day of my life. He was my most beautiful blessing from heaven and he gave me the gift of joy, of life, of knowing how wonderful it is to have an all-access pass to the unfolding of another beautiful creation.

Jared is my most precious gift from God and he taught me what pure unconditional love is all about. He continue to teach me a little something about myself each day and he taught me invaluable lessons about life and living. He has touched my heart in more ways than I have ever expected and I will be eternally grateful. Thank you for coming into my life son. Thank you for giving me the privilege to be your mum.

It has been four glorious years. Sure the trip was never easy and I assure you that we will encounter a lot of challenges and problems along the way, but let me tell you that I am glad that I am taking this journey with you. I cannot imagine it any other way. It was worth everything that I have been through and everything that I have suffered. Know that  I will go through all of it over again because I will get to be with you in the end.

I love you son and I will always do. Know that I will always be here for you as long as you need me and if that fateful day comes when you can be on your own and will no longer need me, I will make sure to find ways to stick around! 🙂

On your birthday, I wish you happiness. I wish for you to grow up to be a kind, gentle, generous and loving man. But most importantly, I wish for you to enjoy life to the fullest and do not forget to smile and laugh! :heart:

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Hoorah For A Long Weekend!

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I do not want to let the day pass without greeting everyone who observed it, Eid Mubarak! To my Muslim friends and to their families and friends everywhere! It was, after all, because of this occasion that everyone will be enjoy a very long weekend in our part of the globe. 

Yeah, I know that my post is a tad late since most of today is gone but I was rather busy early this day that I left most of the blogs untouched until I have the time to gather my thoughts and update each of them {well, for most of the blogs, they are gonna have to wait a few more hours until the little man is fast asleep, I just sneaked in here while he’s taking his nap to make this post. Ssshh, don’t tell him! :)}.

Yes, I’m going to say it again! Hoorah for long weekends. I know I am not a part of any regular workforce that observes all the nation’s regular holidays, but our playschool just declared a holiday tomorrow so that everyone will have a long and uninterrupted weekend. So that leaves us with a free Saturday for the first time in awhile and I am know pondering on what things to do tomorrow. Visiting my parents’ grave is at the top of that list since we have not been able to go there the past few weeks. Going to the yoga center {since it has been eons ago since we did} sounds like a very appealing idea, too. Hopefully Jared will agree to visit Teacher Val and the rest of the lovely people at the center and let me have a proper yoga class for once!

Oh well, whatever we decide to do tomorrow, I will just make sure that the little man gets enough physical activity and enjoy his day! Maybe we can go down to the local McDonald’s to grab a few more Smurfs toys, too! 🙂

So what are your plans for the uber long weekend? Whatever it is, I hope you have a wonderful time with your family! :laugh:

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