Mum Shares: Saridon Is All About Pain-free Fun + Positivity

To enjoy life, one needs to work hard. To make ends meet, hard work is necessary, even if it sometimes means taking on more responsibilities.  

In times when we’re trying our best, the worst thing that can happen is to have an unexpected headache that stops us from getting more work done. Riding a bike to make a delivery or commuting to report for work at a hospital is tough as it is, you don’t need a sudden headache adding to that stress. 

To deal with unexpected headaches, you need something you can trust. You need Saridon. Saridon Triple Action is all about spreading positivity and fun as it also gives pain relief in as fast as fifteen minutes.

For relief of mild to severe headaches, Saridon Triple Action is the solution. Saridon Triple Action has paracetamol, propyphenazone, and caffeine which when combined together has a faster onset of action and greater analgesic effect. It is more effective with caffeine compared to plain paracetamol so that you can get back to work in no time.

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Mum Shares: Experts Say Handwashing With Soap + Water Is Still The Best Way To Prevent COVID-19

While the search continues for a cure for COVID-19, the best way anyone can do at the moment is to prevent it.

The Department of Health is one with the World Health Organization and the USA’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention in saying that the best way to prevent COVID-19 from spreading is to kill the novel coronavirus before it enters the body.

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COVID-19 is contracted when the novel coronavirus enters the body. Respiratory viruses like the novel coronavirus, the flu, and the common cold can be spread via the hands. An infected person’s hands can touch some mucus, viral particles will stick to the hands and then transfer to whatever they touch. If someone is well, hands act like sticky traps for viruses and can pick up droplets that contain the novel coronavirus, which stay on the hands, and enter the body if the hands touch the face.

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5 Ways To Fight Stress During The Covid-19 Outbreak

The news about the coronavirus outbreak is enough to stress anyone, especially mums. After all, we not only worry about ourselves, but more so about our children and our family. Most countries have declared lock-downs. Even our president placed Luzon under enhanced community quarantine. The pandemic has suspended classes and closed down a number of establishments. Along with it the disruption of our normal day-to-day activities. We live in such difficult times that it is a must that we not only watch out for our physical health but also keep tabs on our mental condition. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to fight stress during the Covid-19 outbreak:

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Photo by Florencia Viadana on Unsplash


Reading is a good way to fight stress during the Covid-19 outbreak. Read the books you have hoarded but never found the time to. If you do not have a stock of printed books, you can also go online for free e-books. Famed author Paulo Coelho is offering Brida, Manuscripts Found In Accra, and other books for free download. Feast Books, a local publication, is also offering a Bo Sanchez e-book for free download. In addition, you can also read articles on how to care for yourself in this time of pandemic, like this one from Tiny Buddha. While you are at it, you might also want to read a number of inspiring quotes and articles online to keep you in a good mood.

While you’re at it, you may also read about how Gold Bee gummy vitamins and other products can help you relax even in this stressful times.

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Health: The Health Issues That Concern Women

Enough ink has flown over the topic of women’s health and fitness. While more than half of the planet’s population is affected by the fatalities of cancer, HIV and the like, ones that can affect anyone and everyone irrespective of their age and gender; there are certain specific health issues that affect only women over the course of their lives. Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, PCOD, and cervical cancer are only a few of the many that have the potential to claim the lives of millions of women across the globe. Therefore, with centuries of history that shall corroborate the fact that the world has never made survival easy for women, it only makes sense that women know about the potential threats to their health and visit a doctor before the conditions exacerbate.

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Breast Cancer

One of the major factors of death in women, breast cancer affects at least 1 in 8 women every year in the United States. The rates keep changing every year with the geography, but one thing that remains a constant is the monstrosity of this fatal disease. It is, therefore, imperative that women are made aware of the symptoms to be able to understand the onset of the disease and reach out for immediate medical intervention.

The Symptoms:

  • A lump or more than one lump in one or more areas on the breast or in its proximity
  • Change in color of the skin on or near the breast
  • Change in the shape and structure of the breast
  • Pain or swelling on the breast
  • Any uncanny discharge from the nipples
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