Home: Sustainable Construction Trends For Custom Home Owners

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When it comes to saving money in your home, your energy consumption is a huge expense. How do you lower that power consumption while helping to reduce your carbon footprint? By choosing sustainable construction methods from the start of your building process!

You’re going to find a large variety of these type of construction methods available to help you build a home that is not only cozy and comfortable but also an energy-efficient home. Learning about the different methods available to you, such as ICF construction, is important to help you make wise decisions on your home improvements or building projects. Take a look below at some of these benefits of ICF construction and other methods you can choose from.

What is ICF Construction?

ICF stands for insulated concrete forms. This is similar to placing LEGO blocks together when you were a child. These walls are formed with insulation on the inside and outside and pieced to fit perfectly together when constructing your home or building. Then concrete is poured into the walls that are reinforced with rebar. These walls are laced together so well that it helps to eliminate any outside air infiltration. That means better insulation and energy efficiency for you.

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Announcement: Whirlpool Launches New Products For The Philippine Market

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Whirlpool and Excellence Appliance Technologies, Inc. {Exatech} recently introduced three new products in the Philippines.

For twenty-seven years, Whirlpool and Exatech have joined together to bring quality US appliances to Filipino consumers. Coming from a humble beginning as a local appliance retailer, Exatech has grown into an international distributor after its partnetship with Whirlpool in 1992.

Now, three new products were launched at the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila Hotel ballroom. Special guests included Mr. Blanco Wong, Managing Director of Whirlpool Southeast Asia, and Mr. Rodrigo Salamonl, Marketing Director of Whirlpool Southeast Asia. Hosted by Ms. Donita Rose, the program consisted of demonstrating the unique product features to the audience.

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Home: Are You Too Busy to Clean? Use These 5 Tips!

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People are living busier lives than ever before these days. They have all sorts of responsibilities, and when they go home from work, the responsibilities do not end. With all the work, parenting duties, community efforts, and other things that people these days are involved in, a lot of them do not have time to do the housecleaning that they want to get done. It’s an important part of making your home comfortable and livable, but it can also take too much time out of your busy schedule to get it done right.

What you may be missing are some shortcuts to cleaning faster, easier, and more effectively. There are ways to make your house look clean and still have time to get everything else done each day. Here are our top tips:

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