Health + Wellness: 5 Tips To Help Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey This New Year

The beginning of the year is always a good time to start on that ever-pending fitness journey. Now that everyone seems to be falling ill and contracting the Covid-19 virus is the best time to focus on getting healthier and fitter to help your body ward off illnesses and stay in the best shape you could possibly be.

Of course, setting out a personal fitness goal for the new year is not without its nuisances. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you begin that journey you have always been putting off and, hopefully, assist you in sticking to your goals and finishing strong at the end of the year.

Take small steps

You do not need to do a full exercise routine in a single day. Especially for beginners, it is ideal to start small and stick to simple 5-minute routine you can practice daily. You may opt to start doing 10 squats and 10 jumping jacks in a day and add a few more into your routine until you get the hang of it. You can, then, progress to 30-minute yoga routine until you are finally strong and disciplined enough to start doing longer and more complicated routines.

Invest on quality work out clothes

Keep an eye out for good-quality work out clothes. They will not only provide utmost comfort as you go through your exercise sequence, but will also give you an extra inspiration to tackle your fitness goal for the day. You might want to consider adding article of clothings like quick-drying tops, sports bra, and bombshell leggings to help spruce up your practice. This will not only entice you to work out even more, but will also provide for Instagrammable poses and routines, should you wish to document your journey by posting them on your social media pages.

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Mum Shares: Everybody’s Talking About Pepsi

Someone once said that having a Twitter account is like talking to yourself, hoping someone will join in.

Not everyone is lucky to have a following on Twitter. Even many brands have difficulty finding a corner of Twitter where they can convey their messages to the right audience.

Beverage giant Pepsi is one of the most talked about brands on social media, specifically Twitter, and is the most hyped in the beverage/drink category. In 2020, Pepsi was the only non-tech brand in the Top 10 of the Most Tweeted Brands for the year, alongside brands such as Spotify, Apple, Netflix, Lazada, and Shopee. This was achieved with an advertising budget lower than that of other big beverage brands as seen in a study. This is called connecting with your audience. Forward to 2021, the buzz about Pepsi continues online with content that’s relevant and always timely.

“What makes a content stand out is its cultural relevance; if the community shares the same sentiments and if it echoes the conversations prevailing at the moment. In Pepsi’s case, they were able to cut through the noise by incorporating the language of their target audience and tapping the right people to get it across,” shares Tina Pang ~ Head of Client Solutions, Southeast Asia, Twitter.

Pepsi’s campaigns, which include the viral #PepsiHitSaSarap, are innovative yet traditional. For the Hit Sa Sarap campaign, the brand emphasized the importance of enjoying meals with family and friends. The campaign included giant screens on the streets of LA and New York featuring the faces of Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, SB19, Mimiyuuuh, and Ricci Rivero.

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Tips + Tricks: 4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Child-Friendly

The reality is that weddings can be long and boring for children. Many couples worry about how they are going to keep kids entertained and well-behaved. The last thing any bride and groom wants is to have tantrums, screaming, and children running riot on your special day.

The good news for you is that there are lots of ways to keep little ones entertained. Here are some tips to help you plan a child-friendly wedding:

Choose a child-friendly venue

If you are inviting little ones to your wedding, then you should pick a child-friendly venue that will allow them (and their parents who can stay relaxed) to have fun while being safe. According to advice on Easy Weddings, you should avoid choosing a venue that has potential hazards to children, e.g., a venue near a busy road or one that has a pool that isn’t fenced off.

Before booking, make sure to check that your preferred venue serves child-friendly food and offers enough space for children to run around and blow off steam without getting under adults’ feet. Ideally, you should pick a venue with a separate room that can be transformed into a kid-only area with lots of fun activities and games to keep little ones entertained.

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