SCHICK’s Suaveng Ahit, Gwapong Schick Barangay Tour Comes To A Close

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PINAKAGWAPONG BARANGAY. All-out support from Schick’s team led by Marketing Manager Cara Ramirez-Tecson and dance diva Regine Tolentino during the last leg of Suaveng Ahit, Gwapong Schick Barangay Tour held at Barangay Kalawaan, Pasig City

Barangay Kalawaan in Pasig City bagged the “Pinakagwapong Barangay” award for its liveliness in the midst of its dense population as Schick winds down the Suaveng Ahit, Gwapong Schick Barangay Tour last September 30 in Pasig City. The bustling streets proved that this barangay was a winner, along with its officials who work hard to maintain peace and order.

Shick’s advocacy campaign, Suaveng Ahit, Gwapong Schick Barangay Tour started in December 2012. Together with the dance diva, Regine Tolentino, it aims to promote proper personal grooming, as well as cleanliness in the community. For the Gwapong Mamamayan, Schick provided free haircut and shaving services, and gave away thousands of Schick Exacta2 samples  to the residents of the areas they visited. For Gwapong Syudad, they worked with the officials of the communities and promoted maintaining cleanliness of the surroundings. The barangay caravan kicked off at Salamalabanan Subdivision in Imus, and visited barangays in Antipolo, Muntinlupa, Novaliches, Caloocan and Pasig City. A number of fun activities that promoted sportsmanship among people, like a free-throw and half-court shootouts, three-on-three basketball games and dance showdowns.

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SCHICK AWARDS LED TV. Marketing Manager Cara Ramirez Tecson {second from left} together with dancing diva Regine Tolentino {third from left} hand over the LED TV to Barangay Kalawaan, Pasig City SAKTODA, as the “Pinakagwapong Barangay”.

“Unang-una nagpapasalamat po ako sa programang SCHICK dahil kami ang napili bilang Pinaka-gwapong Barangay. Maraming tao ang natulungan at nakinabang dito sa aming barangay lalo na ang SAKTODA,” said Kalawaan Barangay Captain Jaime “Jimmy” Lee.  added Lee.

Schick has always believed that being well groomed boosts not just physical but also mental wellness, and hence makes for a more confident community. “We plan to do this event through our distributors across Philippines and have their own mini barangay tour of the Suaveng Ahit, Gwapong Schick,” said stated SCHICK Marketing Manager Cara Ramirez-Tecson. “We believe in its advocacy of promoting proper personal grooming while ensuring that we keep the community in mind as well when it comes to wellness and cleanliness. This activity also enables us to improve our distribution in areas we have opportunities since it includes merchandising blitz and sari-sari promotions that help our brand, Schick be more accessible to our consumers.”

For more information about their tours, promos and prizes, please visit the Schick Facebook FanPage.

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A Fun + Educational Road Trip With Mom & Me Fun Circuit

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on board the colorful Fun bus!

The Mom & Me Fun Circuit had all the elements of a fun and educational Saturday bonding for mums and their kiddos: a music lesson in Rizal Park, an art class in Shaw, and a trip to a museum in the Fort. My little man was so excited when we took the trip to the meeting place at SM Megamall and cannot wait to ride the fun bus that will take us to our 3 different destinations for the afternoon. He also enjoyed watching his favorite film, Rise of the Guardians, and his new fave, Meet the Robinsons, while on board.

1st Stop: Mabuhay Restop

lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time

It was our first time at Mabuhay Restop and the eco drumming workshop hosted by Fred De Mesa and Job Vesh is something even I have never experienced before. They taught the children and the mums how to make good music using recycled mineral bottle gallons and the little ones really enjoyed creating beautiful beats with their very interesting musical instruments. They also showed us several nice-looking instruments that came from different parts of the country, as well as from abroad like the didjeredoo, which is a native instrument from Australia.

Excited at the prospect of seeing a lot of children in one place, my little man was being his ever-rowdy self and found a little girl playmate to whom he showed and played with his Transformers toys which he stashed on his backpack earlier before we leave.

Mabuhay Restop is a lovely place to visit, I just hope we had more time to explore around and probably sample the treats they are serving.

Second Stop: KidzArt

lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time

After our music lesson, we then traveled back to Mandaluyong for an art class at KidzArt, which is located in 500 Zentrum in Shaw Boulevard.

Upon entering, Jared was looking for his playschool teacher probably thinking we are going there since I told him earlier that we are going to school. He also fussed a bit about the apron but agreed to put on the orange one after awhile. Too bad I was not able to take some snaps.

A fizzing ball of energy, my little one managed to knock out a small bottle filled with water and enjoyed making a racket by dropping multiple paperclips onto the water. But apart from that, I was never more proud when he diligently finished creating his DIY photo frame, enjoying watercolor painting and finished painting his clouds and grass. He also painted a cutout ball and a car, and with a little help from teacher and mum, pasted them onto his frame. I cannot wait to put up his new lovely frame at home!

Before we leave this venue, we also had a little raffle, where I won a pack of Marvel heroes-designed Bite Block Natural Citronella patches which Jared cannot wait to use and a sample pack of Tiny Buds Baby Bottle and Utensil Wash, and special awards to little participants were also doled out.

Third Stop: The Mind Museum

lifestyle, events, travel, educational activities for children, spending quality time with your children, weekends, family time

I have always wanted to bring the little man to this place, so it is the primary reason why I really wanted to attend this event. Originally, we are to watch and enjoy a bubble show at the Science-in-the-Park section of the museum, but unfortunately, we are running rather late that day, what with the heavy Saturday afternoon traffic, and arrived to Bonifacio Global City after sunset. Instead, we just visited the museum and explored their numerous exhibits and displays, as well as watched an educational scientific show in one of their 3D cinemas. Jared managed to keep the 3D shades on for the longest time ever!  😀

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McDonald’s Re-Launches The Iconic Happy Meal Box

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announcement, events, food, lifestyle, McDonald's Happy Meal
Cheska Garcia-Kramer with her little charmer Gavin

Yup, you read that right! McDonald’s just recently re-launched the iconic red box of Happy Meal and this mum was invited to be part of the momentous occasion, along with a host of mum bloggers and people from trad media. Dubbed as Happiness In A Box event, it was graced by no less than McDonald’s Chief Happiness Officer Ronald McDonald himself, and Senior Vice President for Marketing, Margot Torres. Celebrity mums Cheska Garcia-Kramer, who tagged his little man Gavin along, and Dimples Romana also joined in.

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he who picks up the most McDonald’s Fries wins!

McDonald’s Happy Meal was launched in the US in 1979 and was also the first meal designed especially for kids. It has become, not just an icon, but a beloved menu item in McDonald’s all over the world by generations of kids and kids-at-heart, as well. Happy Meal is something kids look forward to every time they vist a McDonald’s store, more than just the food and the toy. I am a witness to this as my little man actually look forward to our McDonald’s visit because of the surprise that comes along with each of his Happy Meal. The wonderful experience my child gets and the wide smile it brings on his face is simply priceless!

So, in line with bringing more smiles to more kids, McDonald’s recently made the Happy Meal available for breakfast, too, with favorites such as the 4-piece Mini Hotcakes and Hamdesal, both served with a regular drink and a featured toy. After all, a delicious first meal of the day is a must to start every kids day, may they be getting ready for school or gearing up for one special weekend with the family.

And did you notice that each of your Happy Meal can now come with McDonald’s World Famous Fries, which serve as a perfect addition whether you are ordering Burger McDo, McNuggets, Chicken McDo with rice or McSpaghetti?

announcement, events, food, lifestyle, McDonald's Happy Meal

And to complete the Happy Meal experience, McDonald’s is very happy to announce that each Happy Meal now comes with the iconic Red Box, to put even more smiles on our little ones’ faces, starting today! Each box, apart from adding the element of surprise, can also be folded into different surprise figures, giving a more exciting meal experience!

announcement, events, food, lifestyle, McDonald's Happy Meal
our very own happiness in a box!
announcement, events, food, lifestyle, McDonald's Happy Meal
the foldable toy figure that comes with every Happy Meal Red Box

Bring home happiness in a box to your little ones now. For only Php85, get a Happy Meal with your child’s favorite Mcdo Meal with drinks and surprise toy. For this month, the little ones can enjoy completing the Transformers and My Little Pony collectible toys.  🙂

announcement, events, food, lifestyle, McDonald's Happy Meal
we got first dibs on the new Downtown TVC

Apart from being the first to know about the Red Box’s return, we also got first dibs on the new McDo Downtown TVC, that features a child and her grandmother enjoying a visit to McDonald’s together. The good old Downtown song made the TV ad all the more special and heart-warming.

The little man was a bit not-in-the-mood that day, I am just glad we tagged along someone to look after him while mum busied herself. The joy on his face was priceless when I handed him his very first McDonald’s Red Box. He immediately set out to play with his new toy, Optimus Prime! 🙂

To know more about the return of the Happy Meal Red Box, like the McDonald’s Official Facebook Fan Page and follow @McDo-PH on Twitter. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #McDoHappyMeal when sharing your little one’s Happy Meal moments 🙂

Shout outs to Marianne of Nuffnang for inviting us and to McDonald’s for sending a bunch of Happy Meals to our doorstep!  :heart: And don’t forget to check out Mumwrites’ Facebook Page for more photos of the event.

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