Save the Children Report: PH Economy Loses P328B A Year Due To Malnutrition

Malnutrition is one of our worries as mums. Proper nutrition is very vital in the growth and development of our children that we put premium in nourishing them with healthy food. Unfortunately, not all mums can afford to do this and a considerable number of Filipino children still suffer from malnutrition. Save The Children recently released their Cost of Hunger: Philippines report. Read on to know more about this report and may we find ways to combat malnutrition, even in our homes and communities.

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Cost of Hunger: Philippines Report

A new report released today by Save the Children reveals that the Philippine economy is losing at least P328 billion a year due to the impact of childhood stunting on workforce productivity and education. Stunting is the most prevalent form of undernutrition, and has permanent effects on a child’s growth and development.

The report entitled “Cost of Hunger: Philippines” suggests that, in 2013, childhood stunting cost the Philippines almost 3 percent of its GDP. The overall economic loss of PhP328 billion consists of:

  1. PhP166.5 billion worth of lost income as a result of lower level of education achieved by the working population who suffered  from childhood stunting;
  2. PhP160 billion in lost productivity due to premature deaths among children who would have been members of our current working-age population;
  3. PhP1.23 billion in additional education costs to cover grade repetitions linked to undernutrition.

Ned Olney, Save the Children Philippines Country Director, said:

“This study proves that undernutrition has a cost to all of us. In just a year, Philippines has lost almost 3 percent of its GDP in terms of education and productivity costs due to stunting. If we add up health costs, the likely impact would be an additional 0.05 – 1.6 percent.”

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Support The #1MCleanToilets Movement + Win Gift Packs From Domex!

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Domex is at the forefront of the fight against the disease caused by unsanitary toilets through the 1M Clean Toilets Movement, and on 13 November, World Toilet Day, they will lead a clean-up in East Avenue Medical Center to show their commitment to this worthy cause and their aim to help save lives, one clean toilet at a time.

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As mums we also like to lend a hand in this relevant cause, right? That is why I encourage you to pledge your support to 1M Clean Toilets movement and in return we will give you a chance to win a 2-month worth of cleaning products from Domex.

Here are the easy-peasy giveaway mechanics:

  • Follow Mumwrites on Instagram
  • Subscribe to Mumwrites on Email {don’t forget to verify your subscription to make it valid}
  • Follow Domex on Facebook
  • Post a photo on Facebook or Twitter of yourself or your loved ones doing a check mark hand gesture with your left hand {see sample entry below} and include your answer to the question, “Who do you protect from disease-causing germs and who inspires you to keep your toilet at home clean and germ-free?” Do not forget to make your post public, tag me {@mumwrites on Facebook, @vixquips on Twitter}, and use the hashtags #MumwritesXDomex #1MCleanToilets #WorldToiletDay2015
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Check If You Are Safe To Drive With The Safe Driving Calculator

We can only do so much in making sure we are safe out on the road while traveling. Oftentimes, even if we are the most careful of drivers, adhering to each traffic rule as much as we can, we’d encounter reckless ones who couldn’t care less about road rules. Minor miscalculations, mistakes, and negligence on the road can lead to accidents, injuries, or worse, fatalities. A simple act of beating the red light can sometimes result to massive accidents or lost lives. These debilitating thoughts on driving and road mishaps are enough for me not to aspire to learn how to drive.

But if you can make the road a safer place to thrive in simply by checking whether you are safe to drive or not, won’t you take the extra precaution? I am sure most of you will exclaim “Yes.” After all, what’s a few minutes of inconvenience in exchange for a worry-free and safe driving, right?

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