Giveaway Alert: Join Mumwrites Birthday Giveaway!

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Can you believe it’s already the 1st of August today? Posts and updates here are getting scarce of late because mum is still adjusting to this new phase in our lives with a first grader {you may check out my previous post for more details}. I am glad I finally managed to update the blog and about time, too, since I meant to post about this giveaway 2 months ago! Oh well, life and motherhood happens you see.

August is one of my favorite month and not even storm Carina can dampen my enthusiasm and anticipation. The little man and I are turning a year older this month, plus 2016 has generally been good to us that I would like to spread the cheer to my readers through a small giveaway.

To share the blessings with my dear readers, I an giving away a Human Heart Nature gift pack {worth Php1,200}, which includes some of my favorite products like their Tea Tree Heritage Oil, Sunflower Oil, Rescue Balm, and their all-natural shampoo for kids. We personally use these items and absolutely love them! I will make sure to share a photo of my latest haul once it arrives so you can have an idea of what items to expect, in case you win. I am also including these uber kawaii bento items from Daiso, comprised of a floral bag, a cute and pink pig lunch box, a pair of chopsticks, and these cool food picks!  :inlove: :heart:

Here’s how you can join our simple giveaway. These are the mandatory entries:

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Learn To Grow Your Own Veggies + Herbs At Home With Cedarhills’ Organic Urban Gardening 101 Workshop

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I have always wanted to grow my very own organic garden even in our little backyard, I guess it is only natural as I grew up having our own version of bahay kubo at home, sans the actual bahay kubo, that is! My Mama has a passion for gardening and planting, we have veggies and plants growing in every available space in the backyard. We have eggplant, okra, calamansi, sili, pandan, kamias, as well as fruit-bearing trees such as guava, mango, santol. We also have a riot of lovely flowering plants, like bougainvillea, santan, and hibiscus in different colors. I can also vividly remember the beautiful scent of sampaguita surrounding the yard, which used to greet me each morning.

It was unfortunate that I did not inherit my Mama’s green thumb and my feeble attempt at gardening in pots were rather unsuccessful, with most of the plants and herbs I got drying up and eventually dying.

mum's thoughts, green project, green ideas, workshops, organic gardening, Home and Garden, mum going green

I almost gave up until I got an invite to join the Organic Urban Gardening 101 Workshop a few months back. Of course, I immediately said yes as I was eager to grow my very own organic garden at home.

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Do Not Forget To Switch Off Your Lights For Earth Hour 2015

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Do not forget to join people from all around the world in switching off their lights for Earth Hour. This is happening tonight at 8.30pm. You still have a few more hours left to sign-up with Earth Hour Philippines, too, and get your very own Earth Hour 2015 Kit.

This is a great activity to do with our little ones to teach them to love and care for Mother Earth. There are also a number of Earth Hour related activities and events in our local malls and communities to join in, if you are so inclined. You can also join the big celebration happening at the Quezon City Memorial Circle if you happen to live nearby.

Everyone is also encouraged to go “Beyond the Hour” and make each hour count in helping save our precious planet. It is, after all, the only one we’ve got and it will always be a wise move to raise our little ones to be nature-loving and future Earth Warriors.

Here are a few nifty tips from the Earth Hour 2015 Kit that you can practice at home with the kiddos:

mum going green, tips + tricks, announcement, mum for a cause, earth hour

I am sure you can add a number of other tips on this list, here are a few of mine:

  • Using both sides of paper before sending them to the local junk yard
  • Using a pail and a dipper to help use water more efficiently
  • Spend less time with technology and enjoy more time outdoors {which we are planning to do this summer!}

We might be skipping the local mall’s Earth Hour activity this year and will opt to spend time outdoors as we switch the lights for an hour, how about you?

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