Mum Inspires: Of Gratitude, Gifts, + Gratitude Journal Prompts To Help You Start The Habit This Year

Acknowledging all that we have been given is a great way to keep that attitude of gratitude burning in us. After all, there are just way too many reasons to ever be so thankful. Count the members of your family, include everyone who remembered you on Christmas or New Year’s. Or you can also count everyone who cared enough to give you gifts. All these people are but just another one good reason to be grateful.

This year, I hope we all find the time to be mindful about our gratitude. May we always be grateful for even the littlest of things. Practicing gratitude daily is a great form of attracting more blessings into our life. It is yet another effective form of prayer, too. May we always find the time to practice it in our day-to-day lives.

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Mum Inspires: Surprise Yourself This New Year

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Mum Inspires: Of Gratitude + The Lack Thereof

I have learned about gratitude from my parents, and, later on, the daily practice of it from Oprah Winfrey many years ago. It has enriched my life in more ways than I can imagine, and now that I think about it, I cannot really imagine a life lacking of gratitude. The quote above rings so true. As long as you have gratitude, you will never be lacking or impoverished.

That being said, here is my gratitude list for the past weeks that I was not able to list them down:

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