Free Online Parenting Courses For Mums

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The pressure to be a great mum causes a lot of us gals a bit of stress, particularly with this new trend in parent shaming across social media. One of the best ways to counter stress is improving your self-esteem and raising your self confidence, and there is no better way than arming yourself with some knowledge, skills and learning. We’ve compiled a list of online courses (all free) for mums who are feeling a bit ragged dealing with kids who don’t sleep or cry all the time. We’ve also concentrated on courses that face parenting challenges in mental health, autism, tantrums and development delays.

online resources for mums, parenting 101, motherhood, fun things to do online, free online parenting courses, parenting website
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KidsMatter is an Australian mental health and well-being initiative in preschools, kindergartens, day care centres as well as primary schools. While their extensive website has a number of free courses, eBooks and video resources for educators it also has an extensive section for parents.

Supporting your children to develop resilience is a very important part of motherhood and their library of resources for parents begin with the basics of understanding mental health issues in early childhood. You can learn how to teach kids mindfulness as well as developing resilience. Other topics surround schooling issues like bullying, getting along with other children, learning difficulties and managing kids who refuse to go to school. The content on the website is useful not only for kids who are having mental health issues but also for teaching parents how to pro-actively guide their children into good mental health. For education courses with formal qualifications, check out

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ParentTown: A New Parenting App On The Block

Mums nowadays are fortunate to have a number of resources for parenting and motherhood available online. Back in the days, I do not have regular access to the internet while pregnant with the little man so I relied mostly on books and publications that tackle pregnancy and parenting. I was also fortunate to have fellow pregnant mum friends whom I can talk to about my concerns and worries as a newbie mum when I finally gave birth to my little bundle of joy. Later on, I also discovered this wonderful online community of mums, which is a treasure trove of awesome ideas and clever parenting and mummyhood tips.

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The online mum community I signed up for years ago was an avenue to meet other mums who have similar concerns and issues. I have learned a lot of nifty tips about planning my son’s first birthday party, children allergies, as well as where to get the most fad yet affordable clothes for children or one of those 12ax7 tubes for your musically-inclined kids , from other mums who’ve been there before me. It has really been very helpful in my motherhood journey that is why I am delighted to share with you today a new parenting app that I am sure you will find most interesting.

ParentTown is a new and free app especially made with parents in mind. Here is a brief description from their website:

ParentTown is a platform for mums and dads for anything parenting. Ask a question, and the growing community of experts, parents and parents-to-be will share their experiences. If you have a sensitive question post anonymously. Have a cute baby picture, use our Photo Booth feature and share with our closely knit community.

We also host live sessions with some of the best parenting experts around you. We aim to make your journey from pregnancy to parenting a smooth ride.

To start your ParentTown experience, you may download it from Google Play {for android} and from the App Store {for iOS}. You may also access the ParentTown website using your Facebook or Gmail accounts.

The app is pretty straight-forward and the interface is easy to use. A parent can conveniently access all the information he might need or require from the app with its very organized and systematic menu.

I’ve downloaded the app recently and here are 3 things I love about it: 

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Check If You Are Safe To Drive With The Safe Driving Calculator

We can only do so much in making sure we are safe out on the road while traveling. Oftentimes, even if we are the most careful of drivers, adhering to each traffic rule as much as we can, we’d encounter reckless ones who couldn’t care less about road rules. Minor miscalculations, mistakes, and negligence on the road can lead to accidents, injuries, or worse, fatalities. A simple act of beating the red light can sometimes result to massive accidents or lost lives. These debilitating thoughts on driving and road mishaps are enough for me not to aspire to learn how to drive.

But if you can make the road a safer place to thrive in simply by checking whether you are safe to drive or not, won’t you take the extra precaution? I am sure most of you will exclaim “Yes.” After all, what’s a few minutes of inconvenience in exchange for a worry-free and safe driving, right?

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