5 Reasons Kids Are Sweeter Than Christmas Morning

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Every woman dreams about kids. Every woman dreams to be pregnant. Pregnancy is the most important period in your life. Pregnancy is a revolutionary step to a new life. Pregnancy can change you and your thinking. Pregnancy can change your lifestyle and your habits. It is awesome and an exiting experience. Without doubts, you want to share this happy news with all people! It’s important to find someone that understands you and your feelings! Nobody understands you better than mommies.

Pregnancy is an extremely responsibility. There are many things to consider for a healthy pregnancy. The proper nutrition, regular exercising, vitamins, and the list goes on. It’s important to avoid strenuous work and stress for a healthy pregnancy. Stop smoking and drinking! It’s crucial to talk with your baby. It’s important to prepare for the birth of your baby. Create a birth plan! Buy maternity clothes and comfortable shoes! From time to time, pregnant women experience anxiety and depression. Time and again, pregnant women need to talk about our feelings. Pregnant women regularly need support and advice.

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Join Our Momble Philippines Nationwide Giveaway {Extended!}

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What better way to distract us from our mum duties than by joining yet another exciting giveaway! That is why I am much delighted to share with you another giveaway this time around brought to us by our friends from Momble Philippines. The mechanics sure are easy-peasy so you can do it in between diaper-changing, breastfeeding or helping your tots with their homework, in case of mums with school-aged kiddos like me.

Online resources for mums sure are a gem. I recall relying on a number of online parenting forums during my first year as a mum while trying to learn the ropes and trying to survive with only too few hours of sleep each day. It was a relief to learn of other mothers’ parenting and birthing stories and the online communities have been sources of joy, mines of valuable tips and information, while providing mums with enough socialization with other mums who were experiencing the same thing and worrying over the same concerns. I am sure that Momble Philippines will serve exactly the same purpose as my online parenting forum of almost 5 years ago. I know that a lot of new mums and mums-to-be will immensely benefit from its features and tools. Read on to know more about this new social media site created in Australia especially for mums and do not forget to read through to the end for the details on how you can join our new giveaway! 🙂

Momble Philippines in a nutshell

announcement, giveaway alert, giveaways, online resources for mums, motherhood

Motherhood is a very baffling and profound experience for any woman and it becomes more rewarding when you find someone you can share it with as you go along to make the journey more enjoyable, meaningful and a lot more interesting. This is probably what the people behind Momble Philippines have in mind when they created this new portal for mums and mums-to-be. Momble Philippines is a social media site designed for parents especially for Pinay moms, so expect to read tons of relevant tips and valuable information.

Membership to the site is free and members can enjoy the following benefits once registered:

  • Ask advice ~ you can post any parenting-related questions and let the local mommy community help you by giving their insights
  • Find someone to share your pregnancy journey ~ pregnancy sure is a very wonderful phase in any woman’s life and it is a delight to have someone to share the experience with. And you can do exactly that through Momble’s Belly Buddies program where you can find another mum with the same EDD {expected delivery date} so you can share the adventure together. Belly Buddy can be found under the Groups tab.
  • Get pregnancy help from a mommy expert ~ by signing up for Mentor Mom, you can match up with a mum who’s been through it all who will be able to help you with your questions and concerns. Mentor Mom can also be found under the Groups tab.
  • Show off your kids’ photo ~ The site is also a perfect platform to share and show off your kids photos, while having the control of who gets to see everything you share.
  • A great source for tips on parentingfind helpful tips on pregnancy, breastfeeding, child-raising and a lot more.
  • Shop at the Momble Marketplacethis is where you can buy items at great or lower-than-mall prices from your fellow parents. You can also sell brand new and pre-loved items of your own.

Other interesting stuff to do at Momble:

  • You can also share kid-approved recipes and try out other moms’ recipes as well
  • Track your ovulation and get help conceiving by going to Tools
  • You can also make new friends, set play dates with fellow mums and reconnect with old friends
  • You may also win goodies! Keep your membership active by regularly posting great content and sharing beautiful photos and get the chance to win wonderful gifts just by being a loyal Mombler!
  • Find information on local mum events, too!

announcement, giveaway alert, giveaways, online resources for mums, motherhood

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Product Review: 10Monkeys Math’s World

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If there is one thing you can do to make your little one’s penchant for your gadgets work to your advantage, it is to fill it with apps and games that not only the children will enjoy playing over and over again, but are also fun and educational. One such apps is 10monkeys Math’s World. I was given the chance to sample it, I opted for the website version and immediately downloaded  it onto the computer so that Jared might be able to give it a go. I was skeptical at first knowing that my son would request for other games or site that he was familiar with, but I was really surprised when we were able to finish a number of exercises in one sitting and seeing my little one actually enjoying Math and getting the hang of counting numbers and counting in sequence which we have not really done before.

10Monkeys Math’s World in a nutshell

online resources for mums, tot schooling, reviews, other reviews

10Monkeys Math’s World is an educational site that will allow you to introduce the concept of counting and numbers to your smaller children at home. It is also a great tool for mums with school-aged children to practice counting at home and allow the kids to master number patterns, sequencing, and number familiarization.

The site is subdivided into 4 categories:

  • 0-10
  • 0-20
  • 0-100
  • 0-1,000
  • Geometry {in progress}

online resources for mums, tot schooling, reviews, other reviews

Each category is made up of different activities and exercises that will hone children’s Math skills. The different categories also made it very easy for mums to gauge and decide on the most appropriate ones to try or practice with their children, depending on the kids level of learning and skills. Exercises are suitable for children in Kindergarten and for those in Grades 1-3. Under each category, there are different activities on Number Recognition, Addition, Subtraction, Money and Text Problems that mums and children can try. Even teachers can use it for their class as the site also has a “School” format.

At the end of each activity, a child will be scored and shall also be awarded for finishing each exercise in a category. It is an added attraction as the little ones will surely be excited to finish each exercise knowing they will get to have a reward in the end. For mums and teachers, an evaluation tool is also available enabling us to assess our children’s progress as we go through the different exercises on the categories most appropriate for them.

Mum’s Two Cents

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