Homeschooling Jared: All About Numbers + Counting

I taught the little man the concept of numbers as soon as he was old enough to appreciate them. At almost 3-and-a-half, he now distinguishes the basic numbers and would readily point at different numbers he can see from the most ordinary objects, like the electric fan and the telly. I also make sure to point out different shapes in things we see around whenever there’s a chance. I even invested on books and toys that promotes shape-sorting and shape recognition.

I have been toying with the idea of homeschooling Jared and have actually checked for sites online for homeschooling resources. One of my best finds will have to be I downloaded her Cars-themed shape printables last year and asked my sister to print it. How the little man loved it! He easily learned about the different shapes with the aid of his favorite characters and readily agreed to match the cards with the same shapes in them.

1+1+1=1 is a goldmine of homeschooling resources for toddlers and school-aged kids, too! I’ve downloaded other printables too and will be introducing them to the little man as soon as he shows interest.¬† ūüėÄ

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Planning For Your Child’s First Birthday Party

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Our little one’s¬†1st birthday party¬†is definitely one of the most momentous milestone in our childen’s lives, and of course, as dedicated mums, we would like to devout all of our time and energy to make sure that we are giving them the best first birthday bash. I remember when I was planning for my little man’s first birthday, I was giddy like a 5-year old and felt like a little girl given her very first doll to play with. It was an all new experience for me and I had no idea preparing loot bags for children can give me quite a high!¬†ūüėÄ

I chose Pocoyo for our very first party theme as the little man was so enamored with this blue boy-of-few-words character. I had Pocoyo lootbags personalized and filled it with colorful and fun party favors that I was sure every guest will love and appreciate. I also DIY-ed a larger-than-life Jared standee as a party decoration. I also rummaged online in parenting forums and blogs for nifty party ideas and tips.

Reviews, other reviews, site review
one of the themes available at PartyPail, perfect for the little man’s next birthday!

If you are doing this for the first time, I am sure you are having butterflies in your stomach, but I am also sure you can go through it with flying colors. For themes, you might as well check out the PartyPail site. They have over 30 colorful and fun themes to choose from and I am sure you can find the best one that suits your little one’s taste. Avail of their 50% discount on tableware kits and get free shipping on your orders, too! ¬†Planning for a child’s birthday party has never been this easy.

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protecting your online reputation

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The image you create in your various online accounts can very well be the same impression you will create to colleagues, would-be business associates or employers + the likes, that is why it is best to guard your online reputation, much like you guard your actual one, at all times. This not only applies to those who plan to have full-time or part-time online works, or those who are contemplating on putting up their own online shops anytime soon, this is applicable to every Jack + Jill who spends numerous hours updating their Facebook status, their Twitter pages or their blogs.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind while navigating the tricky world of social media networking:

  • Have you heard of the campaign, “Think Before You Click?” make this your daily mantra as you go online + you will never go wrong
  • Never, + I mean never, post anything negative or derogatory about your place of work. This is not only unethical but can also put you in hot water with your superiors, or worse, jobless.
  • In the same manner, never post anything negative about another person, especially if you do not know them personally. For friends, you can always chat to solve a dispute, no need to air your dirty linens in public, right? ūüôā
  • Do not post photos, especially of your children, that will put you in a bad light. A naked photo of your child may be cute now, but think about the time when he goes to College + everyone in his University has access to his toddler nude pic. I don’t think he will like you for this!
  • Do not make your blog a personal ranting page. Am sure your readers will appreciate you more for it, besides there are plenty of wonderful things to write about other than your dismal experience with a restaurant or an establishment. An objective review of the place will prove beneficial, but try not to be too emotional in writing your post, right?

Those sound pretty basic + easy enough, right? But if you are a professional who seeks to establish an impeccable¬†personal branding¬†online, you can always try¬†They provide invaluable services to help you build that¬†squeaky-clean online image for you + your business. Call them for a free quote or consultation, you can also reach them through chat or via e-mail. Hire them to help you in owning your online identity, tracking your popularity + monitoring your reputation, even while you sleep! Their site is easy-enough to navigate + you can practically see everything you might need in the landing page. You might want to check out interesting products like¬†MyPrivacy,¬†ReputationDefender¬†+¬†MyReputation.¬†What’s even more interesting is that they offer a money-back guarantee for 90 days!

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