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Teleserv,online resources for mumsEverything that will make our jobs a lot easier is good in our book. + if we can do this in the safety of our home without having to worry where or to whom we leave our kiddos when we do, all the better! That is why online shopping is such a hit. You get to shop + order anything you fancy, from children’s clothes + toys, to mum essentials, to food and other needs around the house. This is the same principle behind Teleserv. They wanted to make getting those certified pertinent documents easy-breezy for all of us!

online resources for mums, teleserv

I have had the misfortune of doing this the old-school way: the long + seemingly endless queues at the NSO + the DFA afterwards, when I was applying for a passport back in 2002 + believe me it is an ordeal I do not want to experience ever again. Thanks to Teleserv, applying for any Civil Registration documents has never been this easy, a few clicks of your mouse + you are good to go. All you have to do is wait for a maximum of 3 days + your documents will be delivered right at your doorstep. What a convenience, right? I actually requested for a certified copy of my son’s birth certificate for record purposes on Tuesday + the document was delivered to me on Friday 🙂

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a pink blogger magazine

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I recently rediscovered this wonderful online sources for mum bloggers, + they have managed to somehow reinvent their already-awesome old-self into something more amazing. The Casual Blogger Spring 2012 issue is now out. I remember I had a widget of their e-zine on my old blog + it magically changed each month whenever a new issue is out. It was called The Barrel at the time.

The Casual Blogger Magazine has most of the elements its predecessor had + probably more! It it chock full of  interesting features, tips + tutorials, as well as the latest online finds. I cannot wait to browse on this new issue once I get a break from my mommy-ing tasks + my online works. You can also do so simply by visiting their new website, 🙂


Pink Fridays

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visit the top moms website + win a gift pack!

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I did mention in a previous post that a new online resources for mums are about to be launched soon + guess what? Today, 06 February marks the official launch of Top Moms, a fresh source of information, tips + what-nots for all the top moms out there!

Ask questions from 2 mum-experts, post your favorite mum-and-kid photo, participate in the online community + if you are into those online quizzes, answer the online quiz + get to know what type of a Top mom you are + get yourself a free gift, too! Isn’t that great? 🙂

Head on now to + check it for yourself! Happy Monday mums! 🙂

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