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The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted classes all over the world, keeping most students safe at home while we ride the virus out. This poses an additional challenge to mothers and parents who find themselves worrying about their children’s education and learning for the first time in a long time.

It is fortunate that some schools have stepped up and begun offering online classes to make up for the missed lessons and classes in school. But for children whose schools do not provide alternative learning, it is rather problematic and surely another thing to worry about for parents.

Today, I am sharing an awesome #mumfind for mums who are rather in a bind and finding themselves stressing about how to keep their children learning, and keep them away from their games and gadgets even for a little while, as they stay at home during this outbreak.

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5 Reasons To Visit The New Al Qaysar Restaurant In Manila

Here at #AlQaysarPH to sample their Mediterranean cuisine + more! ?? #mumeats #mumfoodiefinds

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I simply love eating, I mean who doesn’t? I am also adventurous when it comes to food and would love to try different dishes as well as different cuisines. That is why I am excited when I was invited, along with mum blogger friends, Jem {of} and Levy {of}, to visit the newly-opened Al Qaysar Restaurant and Cafe in Ermita, Manila and sample their Mediterranean cuisine, as well as their other delicious offerings.¬†I have not tried Mediterranean food before but I read somewhere that they are rich in olive oil, select seafood, as well as wheat and other grains, hence making them very healthy and ideal for anyone to try.

Dining at Al Qaysar in this busy street of Ermita, Manila is like traveling to another continent and the restaurant’s facade gives a very fair introduction of what to expect inside. The owners, the warm and gracious Ms. Let and her Sudanese husband, have a keen eye for details and they made sure to include a lot of Mediterranean elements into their beautiful restaurant.

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

Before trying out the many mouth-watering food in their menu, Ms. Let toured as around and among the many things that piqued this mum’s interest include the beautiful painting that adorned one of their walls, depicting a Mediterranean landscape complete with the desert and camels, the clean and organized kitchen, the charming washrooms, and most especially the tables to the right, which are designed for a more intimate dining experience for bigger groups of people. These are perfect for birthday celebrations or for business meetings. There are 3 different table set-ups and the dining patrons can choose from the more formal regular chairs, Japanese-styled lower chairs, and the uber comfy bean bags! We had the chance to sample each of these and the bean bags won me over, hands down! ūüėÄ

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

food, Reviews, other reviews, restaurants

Oh well before I start babbling about how much I love our gustatory experience, here are the Top 5 Reasons why you should visit Al Qaysar Restaurant and Cafe in Manila:

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GiveMeDeals: Online Shopping Convenience + Best Value For Money

Online shopping has been an essential part of our lives, it is such a big help for busy multi-tasking mums who have to joggle one too many roles at the same time, or just about anyone who do not have the luxury of time to actually go to a physical store and painstakingly browse at the display racks for great finds. It is good that we now have plenty of options to choose from with the advent of the many online shops going live each day.

Of course, apart from the convenience online shopping offers, budget-savvy buyers are also looking for good value for their money, thus the birth of coupon sites and many a number of websites offering discount promos and deals. And if you are on the look for one of the best place to look for great deals and huge discounts for your next shopping binge, then you might want to check out now! in a nutshell

online shopping, reviews, other reviews, promos, online deals gathered many awesome deals and discounts for the most meticulous shoppers conveniently in one place. They have more than 3,000 merchants and about 50,000 published deals to date. Any shopper can easily browse through their simple and straightforward website for any deals and discounts they might be looking for.

Coupons and deals are systematically organized by categories that include Expiring Today, Beauty, Clothing, Electronics, Footwear, Furniture, Gifts, Health, Jewelry, and Pets. These tabs are prominently placed at the top of the site, where anyone can see them. To make searching for coupons and deals much easier, a Related Categories tab can be found at the left sidebar, where one can easily browse and select for the categories they prefer.

online shopping, reviews, other reviews, promos, online deals

For those looking for great deals but do not have a particular item or shop in mind, they can easily click on the Expiring Today tab to check for great deals and possible huge discounts. While those who have a specific shop or item in mind can search for them directly using the Search Tab at the top-most part of the site. 

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