Book Review: Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks

I was previously invited to the launch of Scholastic’s Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks held at Greenbelt 4 last 22 August, but I was not able to make it because of the bad weather. It was fortunate that Scholastic generously sent me samples of the workbooks to feature on the blog today.

image is from the Geronimo Stilton website,

The little man and I have yet to discover Geronimo Stilton and his adventures, but I have read and heard good stuff about this book series from other mum friends whose kids are crazy over these books. The Geronimo Stilton series, intended for children aged 6-12, is a best-selling children’s book series written by Elisabetta Dami, a famous Italian children’s books writer. Originally published in Italy, Scholastic has been publishing its English version since 2004. The books featured autobiographical adventures of journalist, editor and best-selling author, Geronimo Stilton and his sister, Thea Stilton. From time to time, the books also feature the siblings cousin, Trap, and Geronimo’s favorite nephew, 9-year old, Benjamin. According to Wikipedia, the Genonimo Stilton series became the most popular children’s books in Italy and has since been translated into 35 different languages.

This year, Scholastic launched the Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks, which can a great reading companion for the Geronimo Stilton Series. These Pawbooks aims to prepare children to become mouse-ter-ful readers and writers just like Geronimo Stilton and make learning English as enjoyable as chewing off a large chunk of cheese!

The Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks comes it 2 series:

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Book Review: L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers Of The Future Volume 31

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When I was asked to review the latest installment of Writers Of The Future Anthology, I readily signed up mainly because I enjoy reading science fiction novels and stories. I love how they sweep you off your feet and transport you into an entirely different universe. I love how these stories are intricately woven to make time travel, parallel universe, and highly-advanced technology and civilization seem plausible.

This book is a collection of 13 stories from the Writers of the Future International writers’ program, 3 short stories penned by L. Ron Hubbard, Kevin J. Anderson, and Rebecca Moesta/Larry Niven, as well as essays on writing and illustration written by L. Ron Hubbard, Orson Scott Card, and Bob Eggleton. The 489-page book published by Galaxy Press, Inc also features illustrations done by the winners of the Illustrators of the Future International illustrators’ program.

The 13 award-winning stories that make up this illustrious collection are:

  • Switch by Steve Pantazis, Illustrated by Daniel Tyka {p 1}
  • The God Whisperer by Daniel J. Davies, Illustrated by Alex Brock {p 49}
  • Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light by Sharon Joss, Illustrated by Choong Yoon {p 59}
  • A Revolutionary’s Guide To Practical Conjuration by Auston Habershaw, Illustrated by Shuangjian Liu {p 143}
  • Twelve Minutes To Vinh Quang by Tim Napper, Illustrated by Quinlan Septer {p 171}
  • Planar Ghosts by Krystal Claxton, Illustrated by Amit Dutta {p 189}
  • Between Screens by Zach Chapman, Illustrated by Trevor Smith {p 247}
  • Unrefined by Martin L. Shoemaker, Illustrated by Tung Chi Lee {p 265}
  • Half Past by Samantha Murray, Illustrated by Megan Kelchner {p 297}
  • Purposes Made From Alien Minds by Scott R. Parkin, Illustrated by Emily Siu {p 311}
  • The Graver by Amy M. Hughes, Illustrated by Taylor Payton {p 365}
  • Wisteria Melancholy by Michael T. Banker, Illustrated by Michelle Lockamy {p 393}
  • Poseidon’s Eyes by Kary English, Illustrated by Megan Nelson {p 423}

Writers Of The Future Volume 31 is a beautiful amalgamation of different out-of-this-world {in a good way} tales that are guaranteed to keep you up late at night just so you can finish them all. These stories will amuse you, make you laugh, and tag at your heartstrings, too. I have yet to finish the entire book, but most of the stories I have read so far are really fascinating.

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Book Review: Gigi & Her Girl By Kathy Brandt

books, book review, children's booksI received a copy of this book for review several months ago. The author was generous enough to send in a little Gigi plushy with the package, which the little man thought was really cute. He immediately went on to play with it the moment I handed it to him! 🙂 My first impression when I saw the book was that it was too girly and every little girl will absolutely enjoy reading and keeping this in their bookshelves, especially those who love dogs and pets.

Gigi and her Girl in a nutshell

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Gigi and her Girl is a whimsical book written and illustrated by artistic and creative writer Kathy Brandt. The colorful story about Kathy’s real-life dog, Gigi, is just as colorful as its illustration. The story was told in two different point-of-views, that of Kathy’s little girl, and her pet dog. It was a refreshing take on an otherwise familiar girl-and-dog relationship. It narrates the little girl’s story and her thoughts about her dog. She enjoys playing dress up with Gigi, hugging, reading, every activity the little girls is most likely to enjoy with another girl playmate. 

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