Pink Fridays: Pretty Lil’ Pink Flowers

I was excited when I found out that one of my favorite memes is back! Although I am quite in a fix because I do not have as much pink stuff as I used to, it would still be a joy to join Pink Fridays whenever I can.

To start off, I am sharing an old photo taken last year but is just as pink and pretty as can be. Most of my plants from last year have wilted and dried up for some reason, but I am thankful that this one withstand not only the storms but also the dry and sunny weather. The name of the plant escapes me, though, so feel free to drop a comment if you knew. I initially plan to put it on my parents’ grave, but since the memorial authorities are not allowing it, it ended up on my teeny-weeny front yard. Summer is the best time to grow more of these, so I am planning to get some more the next time I go to the garden center. A visit is long overdue as I am in need of more garden supplies so I can plant the seeds a friend sent me from Palawan.

Hover over this Pink Friday post for instructions on how to join this pink meme. Meanwhile, I am checking online now if there is a pink electric banjo I can share next week! ;)

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Movie Date: Fantastic Beasts + Where To Find Them

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We Potterheads are all excited about the spinoff film from our most favorite wizarding world and cannot wait to see how the film adaptation of Jo Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them would look like. Good thing we do not have to wait much longer as it opened in local cinemas recently. I was grooming the little man to be another Potterhead so, of course, I tagged him along to watch the film 2 weekends ago. Good thing my siblings {who’ve previously seen the film} were keen on seeing it again and willingly tagged along with us.

The film was based on a textbook that Harry Potter and  his friends used in school, so I did not know what to expect from its film version before I got to see the trailer. From what we’ve heard, this film will involve the book author, Newt Scamander’s adventure as he embarks on a trip to New York City and tells us of the exciting wizarding world in the United States.

When the film opened, the Potter world was abuzz with great reviews about the film with people raving about the story and the actors. The story re-acquainted us with the endearing creatures from Harry’s world, and introduced us to new characters we have not encountered before, including the thunderbird and the

Here is a brief synopsis I got from Wiki:

simple pleasures, movies, movie date, Harry Potter, Harry Potter world
image is from Google

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#WriteBeautifully With CN Paper Crafts’ Macata Traveler’s Notebook

Notebooks, I guess are so much like how shoes are for other girls, you can never really have too many. I guess I cannot blame myself as it has always been a source of simple joy for me to get a notebook {or two} whenever I visit a shop or a bookstore. I cannot help it, as they are such beauties and are most useful, too. You can turn them into a diary, a journal, a planner, a logbook, or a place to dump all the thoughts swirling about your head. The possibilities are really endless and the potentials of a new notebook is enough to make any paper-loving gal giddy with excitement!

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My new Macata Traveler’s Notebook from CN Paper Crafts

I have been ogling at these beautiful traveler’s notebook on Instagram since late last year. I have been planning to go back to journaling for the longest time and what better way to inspire me to write regularly than the prospect of a pristine notebook.  A traveler’s notebook seems to be a very popular choice amongst planner-loving folks because it is so much easier and convenient to use. The leather cover binds and protects the notebook inserts inside and you can use several inserts at the same time, one for each facet of your life {some planner mums have separate notebooks for their planners, recipes, finances, and the likes}. You can also easily replace used-up notebooks with new ones and use the leather cover for as long as you want. Some even exert loads of effort to prettify their traveler’s notebooks, adding charms, dashboards, inserts, beautiful stickers, and the likes.

At this point, I am sure you can pretty much sum up how much I love notebooks and imagine how excited I was to receive this beautiful traveler’s notebook from CN Paper Crafts! I was torn between the red one and this, but in the end it was the Navy Blue Macata that won me over.

CN Paper Crafts in a nutshell

reviews, product reviews, paper, mum finds, paper products, planners and notebooks

CN Paper Crafts is co-owned by Nissan and her boyfriend, Christian. The shop recently celebrated its first anniversary and launched their project, #WriteBeautifully, a series of collaborations with Filipino bloggers. It was CN Paper Craft’s vision to make beautiful writing repositories to inspire people to write beautifully. They wanted to help preserve the art of analog writing, may that be in the form of note-taking, journaling, or planning, in this digital age. This passion for writing and creating, coupled with a fierce pride for local makers, has been the motivation of the CN Paper Crafts duo to keep on making traveler’s notebooks.

I got my Macata Traveler’s Notebook in A5 size about 2 weeks ago and I instantly fell in love with it. Isn’t it pretty? I love the color as well as its beautiful texture. The cover is made of synthetic leather, which is a thumb’s up for me, as I am squeamish about using genuine leather thinking of the animals who had to suffer just so the leather can be collected. This particularly cover, though, had the feel and the look of genuine leather. It even comes in various lovely colors and different sizes ~ A5, Standard, Personal, Field Notes, and Passport ~ to fit multiple purposes and needs. Since I have difficulty using smaller notebooks, I opted for the bigger one. I already have a planner at the moment so I was undecided on what to do with my new traveler’s notebook, but thought it would be perfect for hand-lettering practice as well as for bullet journaling which I would also like to explore. CN Paper Crafts carries inserts which can be purchased as a set or individually. They also have various types of inserts for you to choose from.

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