postcard perfect: cape cod, massachusetts

 My Postcard Perfect share for this week is this lovely island of Cape Cod (which is locally known as The Cape), which is the easternmost portion of the state of Massachusetts.

According to Wikipedia:

Cape Cod was formed as the terminal moraine of a glacier, resulting in a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean. In 1914, the Cape Cod Canal was cut through the base of the peninsula, forming what may be loosely described as an island. The Cape Cod Commission refers to the resultant landmass as an island.

Cape Cod is also often mentioned in Nicholas Spark’s novels.

This beautiful postcard is sent to me by Stephanie through a personal swap. By the way, if you want to swap with me, please leave your details + preference through my contact form. I’d be delighted to swap with you. 🙂 

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postcard perfect 05: pagsanjan falls, laguna

This is also one of the first postcards I’ve ever received when I started with the hobby a few months back. Just look at that scenic photo of one of the most famous water falls + tourist spot in the Philippines ~ Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna.

According to Wikipedia:

Pagsanjan Falls, with the indigenous name of Magdapio Falls, is actually located within the boundaries of Cavinti, Laguna but access by boat originates from the town of Pagsanjan. The Pagsanjan Gorge National Park was declared a National Park in 1939 + 1976.

Thank you sis Fe, the blogger behind Creations & Collections for this card + the other ones you sent! 🙂

So what is your Postcard Perfect share for this week? By the way, if you would like to swap postcards with me, reach me + leave your mailing address + I will be delighted to send you one as soon as I can! Cheers! 🙂

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postcard perfect 04: angkor wat + bayon, cambodia

Today I’d like to share this multi-view postcard from the Kingdom of Wonders, Cambodia. I got this from sis Cheerful of Postcrossing Mom who hails from Phnom Penh. It is a photo of two of the most popular places in her country :

  • Angkor Wat – is a massive 3-tiered pyramid crowned by 5 lotus-like towers risng 65 meters from ground level
  • Bayou Temple – a giant stone image or face of Bayou which is one of the most recognizable images connected with the classic Khmer art + architecture. There are 37 standing towers all in all

I got those from the very long (which I totally love ;D) message sis Cheerful wrote at the back of the card. I also love here cursive handwriting. + this postcard comes with this interesting stamp, by the way:

Got any postcards to share, do so with Postcard Perfect 😉

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