postcard perfect 02: toronto islands – canada

Today, I am sharing this lovely postcard of the Toronto Islands, Ontario Canada. It has the city’s vast skyline in the background. This is also one of the very first postcards I have  received. This was sent by no less than our gracious host, Mommy Willa.

The Toronto Islands are a chain of small islands in the city of Toronto, Canada. Comprising the only group of islands in the western part of Lake Ontario, the Toronto Islands are located just offshore from the city centre, and provide shelter for Toronto Harbour. The islands are a popular recreational destination, and are home to a small residential community and to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. They are connected to the mainland by several ferry services.

The islands comprise the largest urban car-free community in North America, though some service vehicles are permitted. Recreational bicyclists are accommodated on the ferries, and bicycles, quadracycles, and canoes can be rented on the islands as well.

~ Wikipedia

I also find the white bear (is that a polar bear?) in the stamp very adorable. Thank you so much,  Mommy Willa + more power to Postcard Perfect! 🙂

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weekend blog followers caravan #17

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan, a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme, was designed for bloggers to help each other in terms of blog followers  which can either be through Google Friend Connect and email subscribers, or for this week, Facebook Page likes!

It is a good thing, I was up this early (or should it be this late?), I will be making my post for WBFC on time, for a change 😀  Am catching up on many a number of backlogs so I scheduled to stay up late today, just so I can have the rest of the day offline tomorrow + spend some quality time with my little man!

Well, Mommy Rubz is putting a little exciting twist for this week’s caravan. She will be giving away $5 each to 2 lucky participants + shall be raffling off $20 to a lucky blogger at the end of the month. Each entry earns you one raffle entry, so make those posts now!

For this week, here are the assigned tasks:

  • Follow the sponsors The Pink Piggy and Like WBFC’s page on Facebook (mine is just up on the sidebar)
  • Make a welcome post so that other participants will know where to leave their comments
  • Make sure to leave your comments to the welcome posts of other participants, too! If you are an old follower, you can still leave a comment to let them know that you visited

Now, on with the hop! 🙂

By the way, Lovingly Mama is letting me guess how many colored balls does Dindin have? And my guess is 79.”

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postcard perfect 01: masskara festival – bacolod city

Finally, I was able to join this postcard meme.  I have been meaning to, ever since I discovered this new passion of mine, but alas, I haven’t got the luxury of time. Hopefully this continues so I can make a post each week. It will be one great way to showcase my just-starting postcard collection + chronicle my progress, too. So, please wish me luck ;D

Now on with my share for the week:

This is one of the very first postcards I’ve ever received + it was sent by non other than our very generous + thoughtful PMC mum, Rubz. This is a photograph of one of the most famous attraction in Bacolod City,  the colorful + vibrant, Masskara Festival.

Bacolod is one of the places here in the country that I love to see + hopefully I can visit it one day soon 🙂

By the way, I also love the Protect the Ozone Layer stamp that goes with it. Thanks Mommy Rubz for your generosity 😀

Got a postcard to share? Join us every week here:

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