The Little School Boy’s Grades Are In!

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I was at the little man’s school earlier today to get his report card for the first quarter of this school year. Given that the little guy is a first-time schooler and is just beginning to develop a good study habit, I must say that he did a great job! I cannot help but be anxious as to how his very first major exams will turn out as Jared would rather play with his toys or watch movies on the telly if he will have his way. Sometimes when he is in the mood, he’d ask for his homework before doing anything else once we got home from school. But more often than not, he’d rather put it off until early in the evening and opts to do something else. I am a firm believer of taking the child’s lead as the best way for the little ones to learn, but early in his life I would also want for my son to develop a sound study habit so he can avoid cramming, or worse failing exams, in the future.

school, tot schooling, Jared, jared's nook, preschool

I try as much as I can to ensure that Jared understands each lesson, as well as ensure that he do all his homework by himself with mum supervising on the side. For his major exams, we reviewed the lessons included in his pointers and I printed a couple of worksheets for him to practice on. He was a little confused with ordinal numbers so I made sure to include those in the reviewers.

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Product Review: 10Monkeys Math’s World

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If there is one thing you can do to make your little one’s penchant for your gadgets work to your advantage, it is to fill it with apps and games that not only the children will enjoy playing over and over again, but are also fun and educational. One such apps is 10monkeys Math’s World. I was given the chance to sample it, I opted for the website version and immediately downloaded  it onto the computer so that Jared might be able to give it a go. I was skeptical at first knowing that my son would request for other games or site that he was familiar with, but I was really surprised when we were able to finish a number of exercises in one sitting and seeing my little one actually enjoying Math and getting the hang of counting numbers and counting in sequence which we have not really done before.

10Monkeys Math’s World in a nutshell

online resources for mums, tot schooling, reviews, other reviews

10Monkeys Math’s World is an educational site that will allow you to introduce the concept of counting and numbers to your smaller children at home. It is also a great tool for mums with school-aged children to practice counting at home and allow the kids to master number patterns, sequencing, and number familiarization.

The site is subdivided into 4 categories:

  • 0-10
  • 0-20
  • 0-100
  • 0-1,000
  • Geometry {in progress}

online resources for mums, tot schooling, reviews, other reviews

Each category is made up of different activities and exercises that will hone children’s Math skills. The different categories also made it very easy for mums to gauge and decide on the most appropriate ones to try or practice with their children, depending on the kids level of learning and skills. Exercises are suitable for children in Kindergarten and for those in Grades 1-3. Under each category, there are different activities on Number Recognition, Addition, Subtraction, Money and Text Problems that mums and children can try. Even teachers can use it for their class as the site also has a “School” format.

At the end of each activity, a child will be scored and shall also be awarded for finishing each exercise in a category. It is an added attraction as the little ones will surely be excited to finish each exercise knowing they will get to have a reward in the end. For mums and teachers, an evaluation tool is also available enabling us to assess our children’s progress as we go through the different exercises on the categories most appropriate for them.

Mum’s Two Cents

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4 Tips To Improve Morning Routines

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Now that my little man is finally attending regular school, I am sure our mornings will never be the same again. I know that there will be a good amount stressing, coaxing, and rushing so we won’t be late for school and we might be able to do the gazillion things we need to do before we leave for school.

I am sure it is no different in any other mums household, that is why I am sharing these 4 tips on how we can improve our morning routines, courtesy of our friends from Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water. Read on and I am sure you will find a tip or two handy. Here’s to less chaotic mornings in our homes! 🙂

No matter where you are in the world, mornings play out the same way for mothers everywhere: chaotic, and never as organized as they want it to be. Mothers everywhere, whether they are working or full time, often wish their mornings are more peaceful and less stressful. Make your mornings calmer with simple mommy approved tips that will surely go a long way:

  1. Start the night before. The only way to start your day right is if you organize everything the night before. Make sure all your kids’ projects, bags, and anything else they may need for school are already prepared and by the door. This way, you don’t spend a large chunk of your time putting things in its proper places, or scrambling to find something your kids need in the last minute.
  2. Refer to one calendar only. Each family member has a different schedule, but that doesn’t mean this schedule should be placed in different calendars. Organize your days by making sure you only refer to one calendar, this way you avoid overlapped appointments that only cause stress. Make it even easier by syncing online calendars, so that everyone knows where everybody is.
  3. Be mindful of the time each activity consumes. We’re all guilty of underestimating the time it tasks to do any given task, like groceries, and even picking kids up at school. Provide an allowance for unavoidable delays such as traffic jams and long lines. Use the downtime as well to catch up and take a breather.
  4. Be strict about work time, home time, and me time. Moms are masters at multi-tasking, but it can also take its toll on your health. Focus on one task at a time, especially when it involves time for yourself. The more relaxed you are about your workload, the better your interaction with the kids will be.

Absolute Pure Distilled Drinking Water in a nutshell

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