how to teach your child to be eco-friendly

Teaching our children to be eco-friendly ought to be each + every parents goal. The Earth is the only one we’ve got after all, + judging from its current state, what with all the disasters + calamities brought about by nature destruction and global warming, it needed all the help it can get, + yes, even from little children. More importantly from little children as they will be the ones to inherit our planet + will be in-charge to take care of it when it is time.

So how do we teach them how to love + care for our planet at an early age, again? Here are a few tips I have in mind:

  • As with all the other knowledge we would like to impart on our children, the best way to teach them is to live by example. Be an eco-conscious mum + it will soon rub on your little on in no time
  • Expose your child to the beauty of nature by bringing him to parks and zoos, + beaches, too, + let him revel in the beautiful gifts of nature that surrounds him
  • This early, you can teach him not to be a litter bug, by showing him how to always put his litter on a trash bin. When on the road + there is not a bin in sight, tell him that you can keep the candy wrappers in your bag until you reach home or until you find the nearest trash can
  • Buy him eco-friendly toys + tell him why it is important to do this. If given the chance, you can also buy him school stuffs made from recycled materials. It will also be a good idea to purchase one of those Plantable Wedding Invitations or those Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitations + other eco-friendly products for your own use,whenever the need arises

Remember that a child’s mind is like a sponge + the best way to mold them into the kind of person we want them to be is now! It might take loads of repetition + reminding, but bear in mind that the lessons they will learn now are the ones they will carry all throughout their adult life, so better start early with teaching them how to be nature lovers + eco-warriors!

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freebie alert: get free samples from aqiva

freebie alert, products for children

Getting freebies is a good opportunity to try out new products at virtually no cost + when you’re a mum, the more you can stretch the budget for the family, all the better! I bet most mums will be delighted to hear of this new promo by Aqiva. All you need to do is register + join their Aqiva Nutrition Movement + receive a 400-gram pack Aqiva Sample to jump start your commitment to your child’s nutrition. Valid for mums with children

Aqiva believes that giving your children proper nutrition today will greatly benefit them as they grow up. We empower parents to help give their children the nutrition they need, so they’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Check out Aqiva’s Facebook Page {} for more details.

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the golden pathway by donna m. mcdine, a review + a giveaway

book review, reviews, books, announcement, giveaway

I received an interesting parcel from the mail last Monday + look what I’ve got ~ another book to review. + for a welcome change, it is a children’s books this time! 🙂

The Golden Pathway, written by award-winning author Donna M. McDine, is a 22-page hardbound book  {I finished it in a matter of minutes :)} that depicts the story of slavery + the Underground Railroad in America back in the days. This is A Literary Classics Award Winning Book + also has the Seal of Approval by the Children’s Literary Classics.


Raised in a hostile environment where abuse occurs daily, David attempts to break the mold + befriends the slave, Jenkins, owned by his Pa. Fighting against extraordinary times + beliefs, David leads Jenkins to freedom with no regard for his own safety + possible consequences dealt out by his Pa.

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