of coming up with my own blog meme

I totally love joining these weekly memes + anyone who’s been here in my space can really tell how I got smitten by these lovelies! I have at least a single meme for every day of the week, I guess. I really enjoy doing them + have so much fun bloghopping with other participants, if I have the luxury of time, that is!

Now, an idea has been traversing in my mind for a while now + it really excites me! I’d love to host my own meme one day soon + here are a few of what I am toying in mind:

  1. just jivin’where every participant will post a music video each week + tell exactly why they chose that video
  2. try it out tuesday – being mothers am sure we discover something new every single day, with this meme we will post a new product you’d recommend to other mommies. not necessarily something you’ve tried, it can be something you saw on tv + would like to try + would like to tell the other mummies, too ūüôā
  3. mailbox monday – I noticed that when I became a blogger, I’d usually get something in the mail at least once a week. This meme is an avenue to showcase these stuff. It can be a new ARC you got from Booksneeze or Tyndale, a letter from a friend across the miles, a freebie you won from a giveaway, items you ordered online, free product samples, or even postcards (but not to be confused or to compete with postcards memes). You will share a photo + a little background about it.
  4. nice to know you wednesday – this will be a series of Q + A’s to allow us to get to know each other a little better. We shall answer 5 interesting (yep, I promise to keep the questions interesting ;)) questions every week. You can also post related photos, if you wish.
  5. top 5 friday – I really love lists, don’t you? + this is my way of incorporating that love into my blog. In this meme, we shall be listing our top 5’s every week, depending on the topics (which shall be open for suggestions, of course!), a definite listopia!

So what do you think? Am doing an informal survey to check which one will get the highest number of participants, please leave your choice in a comment below. Thanks mummies ūüôā

image is not mine

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of freetimes + being single

When SAHMone Speaks

Am so excited to join this blog’s first ever meme, when sahmone speaks, by a fellow PMB member, Mommy Mitch, so without further ado, on with this week’s topic:

Looking back the days when you were still single, how would you differentiate your life now? How do you keep up with your busy schedule every day?

I long for the independence + mobility that my being single entails;I can go wherever I go, whenever I want to go, in the same manner that  I can do everything that i fancied at the time I want to do it sans the long arguments, the never-ending plead (so someone will agree to take care of my baby) or the extra 14 kilos i need to carry around when i decided to just bring my son along.

Gone are the days too, when I can sleep + relax + just be lazy to my heart’s content or stay up into the wee hours of the morning if the desire to watch movies or catch up on the episodes of my favorite soap on the desktop kicked in. I remember the Sundays spent just lying peacefully in bed whenever I was too lazy to get up, or those nights when i stay wide awake just so i can finish a newly bought or most often than not, newly borrowed, paperback.

So goes my independence + my free time.

Nowadays, whenever I want to sneak in for a pocket me-time (just so I can take some breather or a well-deserved break + since the chance to get away is hard up these days + several-hours-of-break rarely come by) and do the stuff I used to enjoy doing, I had to make sure first that the little man is well-fed, bathed, relaxing comfortably on his little perch in his crib, or is enjoying an episode of his favorite cartoon. Not to mention that his laundry has to be taken care of + feeding bottles washed + sterilized too! And,  in case I wanted to watch something or check my fb account or tinker something in my blog on the computer, I better make sure Jared is peacefully wandering into la-la-land.

But am I complaining? Nope, not one bit, I welcome all the busy days + the chores motherhood entails simply for the joy + the blessing of having a little angel into my life + the pleasure of having a very “pogi” little boy call (or often times scream) me “ma”!

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a quick hello

up to this moment, i am still undecided whether to transport all of my existing blog from blogger or to make an entirely new blog out of this….maybe i’ll decide when the month ends…or maybe you can give me some illumination…for the time being, please feel free to visit, read and leave all your comment love to my other corner


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