welcome 2012!

greetings, new year, happy new year

Happy first day of 2012 everyone! 😀

How was last night’s celebration?

We agreed to celebrate here in our apartment + had pasta, hotdogs, grilled tilapia,  porkchop and a few desserts, including a cassava cake + a black forest cake {which was left untouched + waiting to be devoured in the fridge :)} + half-a-dozen round fruits. We really did not fuss over our celebration as there are only 4 of us + there is just no space for everything we desire to eat in our bulging stomachs 😀

We counted down the remaining hours + minutes of 2011 by lying cooped up in the cozy sofa, watching a Rizal special in one of the local channels + another channel’s own countdown to 2012 whilst the little man fuss over his tito, very much delighted with his company 😀

new year, 2012, greetings

As 2012 inched closer, we prepared the table {+ took a few shots, which am glad I remembered} and  excitedly anticipated to welcome the New Year.

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