Financial Goals for 2013

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I know that almost 2 months have passed and it is rather quite late to be jotting down more New Year goals at this time, but I reckon I can always set personal goals anytime I want to, right? So here I am making a mental note {and a written one, to accompany it!}  to aim to continue building up on my savings for this year. I might not end up as a millionaire with a hefty amount on my bank account at the end of the year, but if I can add a few more thousands of pesos to my little man’s savings account, then I will be such a happy camper!

I am not really well adept with numbers and talks about investment and mutual funds can really give me such a terrible headache, so I’d rather steer clear of them for now. It will be quite scary to jump into something which I have limited knowledge of. If only those types of investments will come with something like MyLife Refund option, then I’d say it will be safe to put my hard-earned money on them, but if not, I would really have second, third and more thoughts before jumping in.

But a handicap with numbers shouldn’t set me back from my goals to improve my financial situation this year, won’t you agree? I have a rather simple solution, see.  Monitoring and noting my earnings and expenses is one good way to be financially in control. By keeping track of all my financial moves, I can very well determine my earning and spending pattern and create a perfect way on how I can effectively save. And, to save up, all I really have to do is to put a full stop on my online shopping habit and what do you know, the money I save from that will automatically go to my son’s bank account! Easy-peasy, right?

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Curbing on Online Shopping

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Yes, I know I went a bit overboard with online shopping last year. I ordered a wide array of items, ranging from books, to clothes, to children’s toys, among others. I have a number of favorite which, unfortunately, I was not able to feature here just yet {but will do once I find the time ;)}. Online shopping, after all, is the most convenient thing and add boredom to the fray and a Paypal account with occasional balance, and it is contagious.

This year, as I plan to save more for the rainy days, my own savings account and, hopefully, for a yearly vacation with the little man, I shall be curbing on my online spending. No more browsing on online shops whenever I am bored to death in the middle of the night thinking of other much more interesting things to do. Of course, I’d probably make an exception on one or two occasions! 😉

Just like a few days ago when I saw these colorful Washi tapes on this site, I just had to peak and get meself some. I will use the colorful tapes for my postcarding endeavors. I also included these colorful straws for my little man. My order arrived promptly and even came with this beautiful paper surprise! I shall post about my order soon! I guess am all set for this month with my online shopping! ^_^

I also plan to be a bit more organized with my finances, or whatever semblance of it I may have, and shall be keeping tabs on my expenses, as well as on my Paypal withdrawal and stuff.  Am sure making notes will be very helpful in letting me know of my progress or my lapses. Oh well, am keeping my fingers crossed that I will be successful in this goal.

What habits of last  year you’d like to discontinue this 2013?

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I plan to walk more this year

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Apart from my goal to be healthy, what actually led me to aspire to walk more this year is the hope to lose a few pounds that I have accumulated whilst living a half-sedentary life at home. Walking can be a great form of exercise, especially on those days when I feel like my bum is growing abnormally large from too much sitting. I bet it will also be good for the little man. He, after all, needs more outlet for all the extra energy.

I shall begin that plan by walking to and from the house, instead of riding a tricycle, whenever we go out to run errands or go somewhere. The walk from the house to the main road may only take us about 15 minutes but if we can do it regularly, I bet it will work wonders on our bodies. Apart from that I will also be saving P20 for each tricycle ride that I will not take! 🙂

Oh well, now that I will be walking more, I cannot help but wish that we have those lovely streets in Baguio here. Walking will surely be one great adventure if you’re doing up and down interesting slopes and plains. Check out this street photo we took of the Post Office Loop last November. This was taken less than an hour after we arrived to the City of Pines {for more of our Baguio adventure, you can check out my travel blog, musings on meanderings}.

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