Mum Inspires: Words To Live By This 2015

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I came across this lovely words of wisdom while browsing through my Facebook feeds a little after New Year’s Day. I thought it will be very timely to share this while we are all wrapped up in listing those New Year’s resolutions or goals for 2015. Sometimes, we get too giddy and excited like little kids to list down everything we want to achieve and experience for the new year that we actually lose sight of what really matters and forget to focus on what’s most essential. Yeah, making those list of what to do and where to go for this year is really very exciting, I love lists myself and I get carried away with eyebrows furrowed trying to finish my list. But sometimes, in the thick of trying to tick off every item on that list, we forget to savor and experience life as it comes, unfolds, and envelops us.

If truth be told, I’ve only included very vague and general items on my 2015 list, and I hope to get down to the particulars and the nitty-gritty as 2015 sets in. And I am sure most of you are in the same boat. So while we forge on to achieve our goals, dreams and aspirations for the new year, may we never forget that each day is filled with reasons to be grateful and may we always try to fill these days with love, magic, and hope {and everything that floats our boat and makes us happier beings}. May we always remember that life is way too short to spend our days sulking in the corner, drowning in our worries, or hiding beneath our false bravado.

Cheers to a blessed, meaningful, and prosperous 2015 and here’s to making memories-to-last-a-lifetime with the ones we love.

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