monster alert: legion of pain spotted!

I was browsing in Youtube the other day, searching for new trailers + videos Jared + I can watch the next day, when I came across this very interesting + eye catching video title, Alert! Monsters Spotted in Eastwood City, Libis. My curiosity got the better of me so I went ahead + watched it anyway.

It turned out the video is all about the tale of 4 menacing + grim-looking monsters, known as the Legion of Pain. They are consist of Headache, Body Pain, Toothache + Dysmenorrhea. Quite a line up if you ask me? They are simply the ones responsible for all the aches  + pains each of us has to endure in our lives at one point or another. Each of the monsters boast of the menace they can do to the body once they invade a person: Headache makes it impossible for someone to concentrate in his work, Body Pain talks about how he is responsible for throbbing muscles after an entire day’s worth of walking, Toothache narrates his ugly tale of how he would paralyze someone with his affliction even if he is small, + the lady-killer, the worst amongst the legion of pain, Dysmenorrhea, talks about why she is the number 1 pain monster around. They have this evil scheme of spreading aches to the entire archipelago!

In comes the Tablet Man to the rescue, the once-effective remedy to soothe all known body pains. But, since he is slow + old, unfortunately, the Tablet Mans was defeated by the Legion of Pain + bowed down a couple of minutes into the battle.

Now out of nowhere, as the Legion of Pain rejoices, comes 3 impressive-looking fellows who introduced themselves as the Advil Liqui Force, they quickly went into a fight with the Legion of Pain. Viola, after a few minutes all the pain-on-my-side monsters are defeated. The Advil Liqui Force used their ultra-modern  Liqui Gel technology  and defeated the Legion of Pain, never to bother us again!

Advil Liqui Gel is the newest + latest innovation available in the market today. The advanced Liqui Gel technology fights every pain known to man + does it faster + more effective. It is an instant relief to the annoying headache + menstrual cramp.  No pain is too tough or too strong with advil liqui-gel so I’ll be sure to stash some in our medicine box, you will never know when it will come handy 😉

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