this is my shirt story

wearing my shirt at the recent 30 Seconds To Mars concert

While most women opt for a much dressy top, I’ve always preferred a shirt, either a plain one or one with a little design in the front, or what they call statement shirts, regardless of which color it comes in, but I’d often go for Black or White. Its simplicity appeals much to me and I think it goes very well with my personality, too. And, being a mother to a very energetic tot, a simple shirt offers the optimum convenience and the best comfort. I simply can’t picture myself running after my little man clad in one of those tight and body-hugging complicated blouses! It’s simply next to impossible!

at the Nuffnang's Transformer 3 screening with blogger friends, Marco + Divine

One of my favorite black shirts is this one which I’ve ordered online from a fellow blogger, KCat. It has been with me for only a few months but I’ve worn it on numerous occasions. I simply love this shirt because:

  • It has a very lovely design + the color purple is my favorite shade, too!
  • It fits me just right + considering that it is black, it still is very comfortable to wear
  • I just love the fabric
  • + more importantly, I love the message that this shirt signifies. It tells of a story of one brave young woman I’ve known through blogging. It tells about her personal battles + struggles + her victories to overcome them. It also tells about her efforts to help + inspire others who are in despair
  • Lastly, I love this shirt so much because it reminds me that I can help and make a difference in someone’s life in my own little way.
It will be very hard to part with this shirt since it has become one of my favorites, but giving it away to someone who needed the inspiration + the strength this shirt represents much more than I do will be another way of helping in little ways I know how. It will also be one good way of adding another dimension to Kcat’s advocacy + it is impossible to pass on that chance.
my siblings + a friend bought one of these shirts too!

I love this shirt! Now I want someone else to love it too! I support the Electrolux Wash-athon Clothes Donation Advocacy.

What is your shirt story?

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