Take A Pause From Your Devices With A Screen Time App – Rebuilding A Family

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Have you ever found yourself sitting on the living room sofa, dying to talk to your kids but couldn’t because they were too busy with their smartphones and iPads? Well, I have found myself in this situation more than once. It gets frustrating, doesn’t it? You talking and your kids sitting there, half present, occasionally granting you an “hmm”.

When it continued, I knew I had to do something. I made some rules in the house regarding device use in the living room, dining room or whenever the whole family was sitting together. They agreed to it, thankfully. It worked for a while and then the things were the same again. Because the devices were forever present with the continuous distraction of beeps and dings which are too difficult to resist.

School and Health Concerns

Apart from the fact that I was afraid my son will become incapable of human interaction, I was also concerned about his health. Although the signs have yet to show, I do not want to wait until my little one gets tired all the time, or experiences difficulty in sleeping, or worse, starts losing interest in physical activity. I do not want to stall and wait until I get a complaint from my son’s school about a drop in his performance. I knew I had to do something before it gets serious.

Jackpot: Parental Controls

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Spyware For Android Phones Pulled Off Market

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Recently a well-known South Korean parental monitoring and control spyware for Android phones has been pulled off the market on request of the government due to concerns over information leakage and data security issues. The app known as Smart Sheriff had initially been made a mandatory app by the South Korean government on Android Smartphones sold to kids under 18 years of age.  But amidst fears that it has flawed and weak security and the risk of leakage of personal data of several hundred thousand minors; the government has asked for it to be taken down.


This is not the first time such an incident has happened, previously a similarly flawed app with weak security called mSpy had the information of their clients hacked and it was leaked on the Internet available for people to see.There was a lot of commotion initially but nothing happened; the company is still operating and people are oblivious to the fact that their personal information is available on the Internet including credit card numbers and smartphone usage profiles.

Solution and Ideal Example:

Looking at this, it brings to question what should a parent do? Parents should first of all do a thorough background check of the app they are planning on buying. They should make sure that the spyware for Android phones that they are going to use has no negative reviews in the news. Next, they should make sure that the app company has high encryption and security measures implemented to avoid the kind of aforementioned scenarios. It might be a little time consuming, but it will pay off in the long run.

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Teen Travelling Alone For The 1st time? Stay Updated With iOS Parental Control App

Ever let your teen or pre-teen travel alone? Your probable answer is of course not, but in fact you have. What about all the trips in middle school or the overnight camps they went to, every time your teens did or do something like this without you, they are travelling alone. But this is different from taking long distance or international trips. The thought of your teen travelling alone so much far away from home for the first time can worry you sick. But before you allow your teen to travel alone, it is very important to understand the dangers involved and the safety measures you need to take to prevent them.

apps, mum finds, online resources for mums, technology, mobile apps for the familyTeens can be persuasive and stubborn, once they decide they want to do something they will make sure they do it. And parenting teens, you are well aware about how impulsive, careless and adventurous teens can be. Even if it’s a trip to a relative’s or a vacation with their friends, teens need to understand that they have to act responsibly. Once you think your teens are old enough to take a trip without you they are old enough to understand the important rules about travelling solo and how to take care of themselves.

But you cannot rely on children to stay safe entirely; you have to be aware of their whereabouts at all times. So instead of waiting for their calls to inquire about their safety, you can use iOS parental controls to monitor your teen even when they are far away. But why parents consider travelling alone dangerous for their teens.

Travelling alone can be dangerous

You’re standing there, waving good bye to your teen at the airport, when you see them disappearing along the queueyou think to yourself, “I hope she comes back as happy as she is now”. Of course you’re worried that something might happen to your teen.

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