Mum’s Two Cents: Of Aprils + Summertime

A new month is upon us again. April is here and may it bring us more opportunities to create special summer memories with our families, especially our children. May it bring us good health and well-being, and for busy mummas like myself, may it present more time for meditation and rest and relaxation.

I still owe you the draw for my January Giveaway and I do hope I can announce it before the week ends so I can host another giveaway soon! I wish all those who joined the best of luck and thank you for continuously supporting our blog and pages, even when the posts seem to have waned these past months. I do hope can I post updates here regularly from here on.

May this summer be a special one for you, mummas. I wish you all an awesome April!

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Aloha April, Please Be Awesome!

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Time flies and it is really an old, over-used cliche! Yet another month is upon us, and like the months past, I hope this new one will prove to be yet another awesome month. I have ushered it in with deadlines and blog backlogs up to my neck, with mum busy as crazy. But I love busy, if it means more work and more income opportunities, so that I can add to our summer adventure fund, or save some more for the little man’s big school this June. I also love busy as it reminds me that I can be productive even when I am already preoccupied with fetching my little man from his playschool and the other activities we have this month.  :heart:

Summer is also finally here and we welcomed it with the little man’s swimming class, a perfect way to beat the heat! I made sure to enroll the little guy as early as possible, so we can have the swimming class ticked off as soon as possible, to give way to more activities for April! As always, Jared is enjoying every minute of his swimming lessons and is just too excited to see his coaches once more. I was looking at his old swimming class photos from last year and I simply cannot imagine how he’s grown in only a year!

I hope this month will be as productive and as eventful as the previous months and I do hope more opportunities to enjoy the summer to the fullest will come our way. We’re slated to attend the opening of Activefun this Friday, as well as a book launch and a meet-up of my postcrossing friends, so I am sure this is going to be a very busy yet wonderful month! I hope your April will be as awesome as ours is turning out! Meanwhile, I will leave you with this lovely verse from the Pablo Neruda. Have a wonderful day!  :-*

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