on earning extra while being a stay-at-home mum

I guess I might have to change that into a WAHM or a work-at-home mum very soon. Not that I have found a regular 9-5 job while I stay at home to care for my little man, ’cause that really is impossible being that motherhood is a 24/7 job in itself, but, thanks to the internet + blogging, I have found a way to somehow earn while I do exactly that, stay at home.

While I strive to work on building my blogs’ links + following {+ keeping my fingers crossed that I fully monetize them very soon!}, I also write for other bloggers, on the side. These bloggers are just way over their heads with opportunities + tasks, they hardly have enough time to finish them all. We call it in blog lingo, GW or ghost writing. Although I am certain doing GW tasks won’t make me rich no matter how many articles I write for my friends, the fees I collect from doing these tasks keep my Paypal account happy + somehow allow me to buy some things for me + the little man. I have bought some books for Jared + myself + even paid my broadband + electric bills with them at one point. Another thing I love about these GW tasks is that I get to learn something new each time I get a task. A keyword can sometimes be foreign to me that I have to research about it, thus giving me another new thing or word to learn. ūüôā

Even if these GW tasks don’t really come regularly, + there would be times that I won’t receive one for days on end, it is but still another great way for me to earn online. + I know that even if I saved everything I earned from them, it won’t be enough to send my son to College + I might just have to get a real job when the time comes, or consider trying those¬†nurse practitioner jobs dallas¬† or one of those¬†east texas medical center jobs, + wished hard that I qualified, I would love to do those GW tasks as long as one single blogger friend will entrust me to do one for her ūüôā

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