ASUS Philippines Concludes Three-leg Workshop Series Facilitated by Industry Mavens Jason Magbanua, RJ Ledesma + Victor Basa

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ASUS Philippines wraps up a three-part workshop series aimed at empowering people for their life’s passions.

ASUS Philippines successfully concluded the Incredible Workshop Series with the final session hosted by one of the country’s most sought-after wedding videographer and storyteller, Jason Magbanua, at Blue Leaf Filipinas in Macapagal Avenue, ASEANA Complex, Paranaque City.

The event was the last of three legs of the series that aimed to inspire and empower respective workshop attendees to take that big leap towards their life’s passions—particularly fashion and lifestyle blogging, starting a business, and video editing and wedding film making. All three legs were hosted by a luminary from fashion, business and wedding videography industry.

workshops, announcements, events, blogging, ASUS, press release
Celebrity Style Blogger Victor Basa talks about the path towards discovering personal style.

The first leg of the Incredible Workshop Series was held last  May 24 at the Century Mall Events Center in Makati City and was hosted by premier actor, model, host and blogger Victor Basa who shared his journey to self-expression in fashion through his personal experience as a style blogger. Basa talked about finding the right inspiration towards personal style, and as well as the value of having the necessary and reliable tools to be used in his profession — particularly the ASUS Zenbook (UX305).

Basa believes that the ASUS Zenbook is integral to his true personal flair—the notebook’s sleek exterior, superior power and battery life, and breathtaking picture and video quality effortlessly compliments the fashion blogger’s mobile and stylish lifestyle.

Check out my experience about this workshop, as well as some nifty fashion tips and tricks, on my post

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5 Reasons Why The ASUS ZenBook UX305LA Is Most Ideal For Mums + 3 Basic Fashion Tips

Little did I know that I will not only be getting first dibs on the latest ASUS offering, the all-new ZenBookUX305LA, but also basic tips and tricks on fashion when I attended the first leg of the ASUS #IncredibleWorkshop at Century Mall in Makati City. The topic that day was all about fashion, and having less knowledge about this subject, I was excited to learn the nuggets of wisdom our resource person will impart.

Model and blogger, Victor Basa, was the resource person that day and he dished out numerous invaluable ideas about fashion and personal style. Not claiming to be an expert, he also shared a couple of fashion tips for women that any mum can easily practice to make sure she looks her best while she is busy doing her multitude of tasks.

 Here are a few basic fashion tips for women:

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5 Great Christmas Gift Ideas For Our Loved Ones

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Can you believe it is just a few weeks before Christmas? Our most favorite time of the year is finally here and yes, unfortunately, it is also the busiest, and for some, the most stressful. But do not let all the excitement and the many lists of things-to-do, not to mention the horrendous traffic everywhere, dampen your excitement about the merriest season of all.

Here are a few thoughtful Christmas gift ideas to get you started with your Christmas shopping:

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  1. Health Kit ~ most people, especially mums, will appreciate this thoughtful gift as the Christmas season is also the time of cough, colds, and other weather-related illnesses. You can simply get a clear box and fill it up with vitamins and medicines from your trusted brands like Unilab {just like the ones in the photo}. I recommend Biogesic and Solmux, as they can come handy this time of year. You can be as extravagant as filling the kit to the brim, or you can also opt to just include a couple of items the receiver will most definitely use. Christmas gift ideas, tips and tricks, Christmas, Unilab, Scholastic, ASUS
  2. Power Bank ~ who will not be delighted to receive a power bank? Everybody needs one to stay connected to their loved ones or social media on their mobile devices, or keep up with all their online games even while on the go without worrying about their batteries going dead. I highly recommend the ASUS Credit Card Size 10050mAh Quick Charge Power Bank, as I totally love using it! It is very handy and can be easily stashed in your purses or bags while traveling. It is also quick-charging and can easily charge 2 gadgets with its 10050mAh capacity. Christmas gift ideas, tips and tricks, Christmas, Unilab, Scholastic, ASUS
  3. Books ~ anyone will appreciate a good book and I do not they will ever go out of style. It is a perfect gift for book lovers, as well as for children to encourage them to read. Mums will also appreciate them, as they sometimes do not have enough time to buy something off the bookstore shelf for themselves whenever they go there to shop for the children’s school stuff. And just a tip, if you are planning to give books to your inaanaks or your loved ones this year, there is no better way to get them than at the Scholastic’s The Big Christmas Blowout Warehouse Sale where you can get children’s books for as low as Php20! I have already been there over the weekend and I cannot wait to share my shopping haul with you. The sale will be up until 23 December, and they will be open from 9am-6pm. I shall include more details in another post, so watch out for it! 

    Christmas gift ideas, tips and tricks, Christmas, Unilab, Scholastic, ASUS
    the little man in our previous visit to Kidzania, where he cannot wait to go back
  4. Awesome Experience ~ gifts carefully wrapped under the tree are not the only thing you can give your loved ones and friends this Christmas. Great experiences, like outdoor adventures, amusement park visits, or travels are also awesome and thoughtful gifts to give. The Christmas break is the most perfect time to do these wonderful activities as everyone in the family is at home. It is a great time to bond with everyone and create beautiful memories that everyone will surely remember for years to come.

    Christmas gift ideas, tips and tricks, Christmas, Unilab, Scholastic, ASUS
    anyone would appreciate a lovely trip to the spa
  5. Relaxation ~ the whole year had been busy and bustling with activities, especially for those who keep a 9-5 job or for mums who has school-aged children, that they will surely appreciate the gift of relaxation. This can be in a form of a Gift Certificate to a favorite salon for some pampering and relaxation or a day of bonding at the spa for a whole body massage or foot spa.

We do not really have to shell out a ton of money to make our gifts for our loved ones this year unique and special. A little touch of creativity, a ton of thoughtfulness, and making sure the gift is tailor-made for the receiver and I am certain your Christmas gift will be a big hit! Enjoy spreading the holiday cheer! 😀

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