Hello August, Be Awesome!

My favorite month of all is finally here! Hello August, do be awesome! ???????????? image is from Pinterest

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July seemed to have zoomed by rather quickly but I have no complaints as my favorite month of all is finally here! Last month was quite busy and I have only updated this blog on several occasions. My apologies, the blogger in me had to take the backseat while the full-time mum went about her day-to-day duties. Although I get to attend selected blogging events on the side, the little kindergartener is top priority and this mum can only squeeze in blogging deadlines and updates in between  24-hour parenting and childminding. There is even less updates here now that the little one’s First Quarterly Exams is forthcoming. I am sure you pretty much get the picture.  :-))

As always, I am excited to welcome my favorite month of all, crossing my fingers that it will be awesome for all of us! Both I and the little man will be turning another year older and I cannot wait to see what this new year has in store for us. If we could, I would really love to spend our birthday weekend somewhere near the beach and spend a relaxing day running in the shore and practically doing nothing but enjoy ourselves! Oh well, I do hope we can pull this one off!

I do hope your August will be as great as ours and do stay tuned for a number of updates here as soon as the exam week is over. Here is the outline of what to expect in the coming days:

  • My Kidzania Manila Press Preview experience
  • The Progress Pre-School Gold and National Geographic Fly And Learn Promo
  • Our #PPSGxNatGeo Kids M.I. Expedition Trinoma Leg experience
  • Our Museo Pambata visit
  • The PhilCare Mum Bloggers’ Day
  • 5 Awesome Finds at the Robinsons Malls’ Red Hot Sale {happening all month of August, by the way}
  • A feature on Skin White Products
  • A post about Lysol Wipes {which is long overdue}
  • A review of my recent yummy and healthy discovery, Vita Cubes, and the #VitaCubesFunDay with Mommy Bloggers Philippines
  • A review of Organic Baby Wipes
  • A review of my lovely Soufeel charm bracelet
  • A giveaway or two!
  • A couple of updates for my Thankful Thursday series {I so missed doing these posts}

Yes, it is going to be another busy month, indeed, but this mum is not complaining. Busy is good and more opportunities to share and educate through my blog is even better. So I say yes, August, bring it on and do not forget to be awesome!  :heart:

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August We Meet Again!

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Yeah, time did fly by rather too quickly this time that I am not entirely sure where most of July went. We were busy with getting to school on time and doing the little one’s home work while squeezing blogging, other online work, home chores and other stuff in between. I know, it sure was a hectic July that I find myself exhausted and tired on several occasions. That is why I really appreciate every little help extended to me and those unexpected class suspensions. They allow me to catch up on my long list of backlogs and afforded me the time to sit back and relax even for just a little while.

Oh well, I am just excited that we are now greeting the new month, and my most favorite of all! I guess you cannot blame me for being biased. This month is the most significant in my life and it was made even more special because of my little man. I had nothing really special planned out, although I would really love for us to have a quick weekend getaway to relax and recharge. The little one’s big day falls on a weekend so I will probably prepare a simple treat for him and his classmates in advance. I am thinking of a Lego-themed bento meals but I still have to check my funds and the availability of my friend who was very kind enough to agree to help me with my bento plans. I really hope this will push through, I am sure the little man and his classmates will love whatever she will prepare.

Anyway, August seem to be living up to expectations with yet another gloomy and rainy day to jump-start the month, but am sure the Universe will be kind enough to gift me with just the right amount of sunshine to keep my flowers blooming and my mood cheerful! I hope August will be good to all of us. And do stay tuned for the raffle of our Momble Giveaway!  :heart:

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