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Lending a hand to help save the environment for our children’s future is everyone’s responsibility! A lot has to be done and no one man can accomplish the task but if each one of us will contribute, we can make a world of difference in making the Earth a better place to live in.

Being a struggling green mum, I try to help save the environment in whatever little way I can + I totally doff my hats to everyone else who do the same. That is why I am quite delighted to learn about the noble works of Korea Environmental Technology & Institute (KEITI). This is a government-subsidized institute that was set up to promote + develop green technology +  green products. This institute aims to secure the rise of environment industry which will alleviate climate change + improve the quality of life, in the long run.

Lofty goals you might think but through their project, Ecotrade B2B Marketplace, which highlights environment-related product trade solutions, as well as promote green products + green technology innovations in this age and time.

Watch this video to get a grasp of what Ecotrade is all about:

Ecotrade is a greener trade marketplace, which I personally believe, everyone should support + use in their own trading needs. Here are a few of the benefits Ecotrade offers:

For the buyers:

  • discover the latest environmental products + technologies
  • easy registration
  • offers a wide selection of trustworthy + reliable products
  • it connects you with one of the world’s largest b2b trade marketplace
  • provides relevant environmental industry information

For the sellers:

  • get to have your very own Ecotrade e-catalogue
  • receive inquiries from buyers anywhere in the world
  • have access to various services + information
  • get a chance to be affiliated with one of the world’s larges b2b marketplace + give your company even more opportunities

By registering either as a buyer or a seller, you not only gain access to a wide market or a better opportunities, you also get to have a chance to make an even bigger + better environmental impact!

As of writing, only Korean companies are allowed to register as Ecotrade sellers, but let’s do hope this becomes a worldwide phenomena + have every single company + seller in the world register!

To know more about Ecotrade, you may keep in touch with them through the following:

  • Facebook Fanpage:
  • YouTube Channel:
  • Website:
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