Parenting 101: What Are the Different Types of Baby Food Products?

Baby foods are industrially produced milk-based products, adapted to the physiological needs of your child’s body. There is a huge range of baby food products on the market. And though they have a lot in common, they are still distinctly different in terms of composition, consistency, and properties. Whichever product you decide upon you may also consider the preparation of the of the food, and the equipment that you will need for this. You may also wish to look at descaling a tommee tippee to keep it in good working order.

Here’s a list of different types of infant foods based on various characteristics.

Based on a baby’s health indicators

  • Formulas for healthy babies;
  • Infant foods for children with special nutritional needs;
  • Products for therapeutic feeding.

Based on consistency

There are dry, semi-dry, and liquid baby foods. 90% of all formulas on the market are dry powdered versions. While liquid products are ready to use, dry ones have to be mixed with warm water before feeding.

Based on age

  • Stage 0 (sometimes, Pre formulas): foods for preemies and low-weight babies.
  • Stage 1: for children from birth to 6 months;
  • Stage 2: from 6 to 10-12 months (HiPP formula Stage 2 is among the most popular ones in this range);
  • Stage 3 (sometimes also Stage 4): for 1-year-olds and toddlers.
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product review: juppy walker

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I am so excited to share with you another product I got in the mail last month ~ The Juppy Walker! I know, I actually meant to post about it sooner, but other stuff got in the way. Anyway, I would’ve have loved to use this item back when the little man was just trying to walk. It might have saved us a lot of skinned knees, a lot of panic attacks + mishaps!  To help me review this product, I had to seek the help of a mummy blogger friend, Ria, who blogs at Babies and Contests, who tested this product out on my cute. little godson, Ritz! 😉

Now, onto my review, shall we?

What is the Juppy Walker?

baby products, safe baby products, products, review

Juppy Walker is an alternative to dangerous wheeled baby walkers that eliminate the stress + strain on the parents back while the baby safely learns to walk ~

It is a no-nonsense + a fool-proof way of teaching your little ones how to walk while doing away with the crazy + complicated contraptions other walker products in the market have! It is simple, safe + doctor-approved. It is also preferred by most parents + is also easy on the budget!

How to Use the Juppy Walker:

  • You have to adjust the straps to the shortest possible length to ensure parents’ arms are straight down.
  • Place your baby on your lap while sitting down + slide Juppy on like a pair of pants
  • Zip the back of the Juppy
  • + you’re ready to walk!

Here are the advantages of using the Juppy Walker:

  • one Juppy Walker size fits every baby!
  • it is the safest method of teaching your little tot to walk
  • it is 100-percent assisted by parents which totally eliminates dangerous falls 
  • it is also easy for the grandparents to use
  • it is ideal for special needs children who are encountering developmental challenges
  • it is also a perfect baby shower gift for mums-to-be!
  • it is easy to clean. You can either hand wash it or throw in onto the washing machine.
  • it is the only walker that fits into mum’s purse!
  • it even comes with a cute carrying bag!
Check out this video to learn more about this exciting product:

Mum’s verdict:

safe baby products, baby products, products, review

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