going bananas with dole cavendish

Dole Cavendish Banana is one of my favorite fruits + I have not eaten one in a while. No wonder I am feeling a little sluggish + low on energy lately.  I used to eat a piece every single day. It normally serves as a punctuation mark {or an icing on the cake, whichever keeps you happy the most ;)} to one of  my daily meals + I just love gobbling on those delectable bananas. Not only are they delicious but very nutritious, too, and, especially for mums like me, they give the right amount of energy + I require to finish my daily tasks.

I should probably go back to my daily habit, a piece of a banana each day is equivalent to a certain dose of Vitamins + I would always prefer the tastier, more natural, + therefore, the healthier alternative.  Maybe you can start the habit too, + if you weren’t that keen on bananas, now is just the right time to change your mind.

Good thing Dole launched their Banana Morning Motto contest. This ought to jump-start a life-long love affair with bananas + eventually, healthy living in general.

Here are the mechanics of the contest:

  • Like the Dole Fresh Philippines Facebook Fanpage
  • Click on the Banana Morning Motto Application of the page
  • Upload a photo of your morning motto inscribed on a DOLE®
    Cavendish Banana {don’t forget to to check if the Dole sticker is in place}
  • Share your Morning Motto photos with friends to increase your chances of winning
  • The contest runs until 04 September 2011

In fact, I am so psyched, I decided to send in an entry myself.  Now, what do you think about my morning motto?

So, what are you waiting for. Stock up on those bananas + join this contest. It runs until 04 September + offers exciting prizes to the lucky winners, including certificates to The Spa + Zumba classes.

 To know more about Dole Cavendish Bananas + for more details on Banana Morning Motto Contest, simply visit Dole Fresh Philippines on Facebook.

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