welcome to malolos city, my town!

Malolo City

Our town, Malolos, is just 45 kilometers north of Manila + you will be here in less than an hour coming from Trinoma.  It was also the capital of the province of Bulacan + became a city in 2002. It is considered the 115th city in the country + is just 30 minutes (I am guessing here, you know how I am with numbers!) away from Pampanga.

Malolos City, Barasoain Church

We are most famous for the historical Barasoain Church (a photo of which I sent out to my postcrossing friends a few months back), which played a very significant role in our country’s history +  the sinful decadent, Inipit (a type of pastry).

Other significant landmarks in our city includes the Kalayaan Tree, situated in front of the Malolos Cathedral + The Immaculate Conception School for Boys, Barasoain Museum, Museo ng Bulacan, the Casa Real Shrine + a host of most of the provincial government offices along with the Provincial Capitol office + ground.

If you visit, especially during the summer, you might want to try swimming in one of our resorts. You can choose between DJ Paradise Resort + Malolos Club Royale, or try out the other ones too! You might also want to visit Cabanas Mall or stroll in the Bulacan State University Campus or the provincial park.

I also recommend you try riding our very own mode of transportation, the Karatig, this is a modified owner-type passenger utility vehicle which is shorter than your normal Jeepney, it is only a 10-seater but coasts the main thoroughfares in the city + will bring you anywhere you want to go around town.

Shame I don’t have personal photos to share, maybe I should go around my town + take those snapshots!  Those snapshots will make good material for personalized postcards! Who’s with me? 😉

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