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the return of bc bloggers

Back in the days, when this mum is just a struggling newbie blogger, I stumbled upon this blogging club, the BC Bloggers, on numerous occasions + always wondered how I can join the group. I so love joining blogging memes + groups, + I thought it would be cool to be part of this one, …

mum's thoughts

Je Suis Reconnaissant!

“What are you grateful for recently?” I am grateful for the clothes on my back, and the flipflops on my feet, i am grateful for the air that i breathe + for my heart that still has beats, but most recently, I am grateful for having to spend some quality bonding time with my son. …

mum's thoughts

bc bloggers meme 02: food nostalgia

My Mama is definitely a very excellent cook, + a lot of people, including relatives, friends + neighbors can attest to that. Needless to say, me + my 4 siblings are always stocked up on good home-cooked meals, which can be a very tasty kare-kare, sinigang or dinuguan, or a delicious spaghetti, or mouth-watering desserts …

mum's thoughts

bc bloggers meme 01

I’ve been intrigued by this BC Bloggers’ Secret, since I was a newbie in blogging, + even sent several e-mails to inquire about how it works, but unfortunately, the admin didn’t get around to answering my e-mail. What is BC Bloggers Meme It is just like any other meme but way better because it’s open …

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