tuesday travels: my favorite beach

the beautiful me sunset

For this week’s Tuesday Travels, we are to write about our favorite beach destination. I have only been gone to the beach a few times in my life, the first time was when I was just 6, I think,. I went to Matabungkay Beach with my sis, Bel, + my Papa, + I must say I really love the beach + if given the chance I’d love to settle somewhere near, so I can be close to the surf, the sun, the sand + the good vibe the ocean water brings.

the lovely ocean

My favorite beach destination will have to be the Coco Beach (see my other posts about it here + here). I just love the place, the greens, the beach, the food + just about everything about it! I went there in 2007 with my teammates (it was part of our incentives for being team of the year), it was also the first time I have even been to the beach in long while + I simply love the experience!

If given the chance I’d love to visit that place again with my family. I know my son will totally love it there, he simply loves the waters ;D

What is your favorite beach destination? Travel with us:

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a green summer getaway…

I am dreaming of a summer vacation, of hot sands beneath my unshod feet + endless walks along the beach, I am dreaming of long + lazy days near the ocean where I’d play + swim (or an imitation of it ;)) + do nothing + enjoy to my heart’s content. I was thinking, if I’d be given a chance to choose where to live, I’d instantly opt for somewhere near the beach, where I can learn how to swim like a mermaid + surf the wave much like those Hawaiian surfer dudes!

I am dreaming of seeing my son in this surrounding + how perfectly he’d fit in, I know the breeze, the sun, the vibe + the tide would give him endless delights + giggles!

But I am having second thoughts, what with all the radiation alert levels you’d read + hear plaguing Japan these days, particularly the Fukushima region where the Daiichi Plant is located. I read somewhere that the alerts have been raised to level 7, which is the highest level so far, even higher than the alert set during the Chernobyl explosion. Kind of alarming really! As much as I’d love for my son to experience the beach in all its grandeur, I think I’d skip for now, for safety reasons. We will be scouting for a good resort with a¬† pool, instead ūüėČ

Whenever I think of summer vacations, I can’t help but think back to the one I had with my teammates a couple of years back, in Coco Beach near Puerto Galera. We had tons of fun + we absolutely enjoyed it (plus we get to go there for free, top that! ;))

If I will be given the chance, + if I’ll have the budget, I’d definitely love to go back…

This is my entry to this week’s

Love + Light,

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