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Proactiv Solution, women products, beauty products, promos

Jared’s dad has been having problems with pimples + other skin problems since time immemorial. He was particularly gifted with a rather much oily skin that he becomes prone to these skin conditions. He’s also tried numerous remedies but unfortunately none of those worked. I am only crossing my fingers {+ toes, too!} that the little man won’t have to struggle with the same skin problems when he’s older. Oh well, it is a big consolation that innovative + more effective products to cure acne + other skin diseases are now available in the market to solve a lot of people’s woes.

Proactiv Solution, women products, beauty products, promos

 + won’t you think that it is even better news that Proactiv is now out with this amazing promo? You read that right, the quality product that is tried + tested + proven to cure acne, you can even check out testimonials from famed celebrities including Justin Beiber, Jessica Simpson + Katy Perry, is out with this great promo that will allow you to cure your skin woes + get big savings, too!  Now you can avail of 1 Proactiv Extension item at 50% discount when you purchase a Proactiv 30-Day Kit or get this Extension item at 60% discount upon purchase of a Proactiv 60-Day Kit! Getting clear skin does not get any better than this!

Proactiv Solution, women products, beauty products, promos

So how can you avail of this big savings? All you have to do is go to the Proactiv Shopping Cart. Remember that you have to register an online account with them in order for your purchase to proceed. For your shopping convenience, you can pay for your transaction through credit card or COD. All upgraded kits purchase will also be delivered right at your doorsteps without additional delivery charges.

Proactiv Solution, women products, beauty products, promos
screen shot 1

You either have to get of the Proactiv 30-Day Kit or the Proactiv 60-Day Kit to avail of the discount for any Proactiv Extension Items. The available add-ons up for huge discount will be found at the right bottom part of your Proactiv screen {check screen shot 1 for illustration}. Simply click on the add-ons you want to avail + a pop-up screen, like the one below, will come out showing you the discounted price of your add-on, as well as the total price of your updated package kit. You can now opt to add this to your cart, proceed with your order + begin your journey towards fairer + more beautiful skin.

Proactiv Solution, women products, beauty products, promos

Proactiv products also come with a money-back guarantee so you will be sure that you are purchasing only the best products that actually works!

This promo is valid for Philippine residents only + runs until 31 December 2012. For more information, kindly visit  the Proactiv Solution Philippines Facebook Page.


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a new proactiv solution to acne

When you were a teenager, how many times did you spend those afternoon free times staring at your shiny face in the mirror, pining over your acne-laced face + wishing your skin woes away! Am sure all of us, at one point in our lives, have had to deal with pimples + acne + other skin problems + I am also certain that we have tried quite a number of beauty products available during the days to help us achieve our dream of having smooth + clear (not to mention acne-free) skin!

I know cause I did. Like most teenagers my age I was also plagued with pimples + my mum would always buy different products I can use on my face to eliminate the nasty + red pimple altogether. She’d buy a liquid soap one time or this toner (where you’d have to place a vitamin + dissolve it in the solution, remember that?) some other time. Not most of them actually fulfill what they have promised to do in the first place + I’d still be stuck with pimples for days on end much to my embarrassment.

I am only glad the pimple plague disappeared when I went past my teenage years! Whew, what a relief! I am only hoping that it would not be as heart-breaking + half-stressful when my little man has to pass this stage himself + Lord, please, do not let him inherit his dad’s oily skin 😉

Well, the thing is I probably do not have to worry, I just need to buy my son this new product that is recently launched in the country. The number 1 anti-acne system in the world, Proactiv Solution, introduces its latest product line, New Proactiv, which is designed to fight acne gentler + faster than ever before.

The New Proactiv Solution works its wonders through its secret formula, the advanced micro crystal benzoyl peroxide (exclusive to Proactiv products) which has particles that are small enough to penetrate pores faster, in turn, killing the acne-causing bacteria faster but does not sit on the surface of the skin too long and cause skin irritations.

Here’s a video of a someone raving about this product:

This innovative technology is in New Proactiv Solution‘s Step 1, Renewing Cleanser + Step 3, Repairing Treatment.

The New Proactiv Kit contains the following:

  • Renewing Cleanser
  • Revitalizing Toner
  • Repairing Treatment
  • free Refining Mask

You can choose between two packages: The New Proactiv 30 day kit (which retails at P2,495) or New Proactiv 60 day kit (retails at P3,995)

Plus, you need not have to worry because this products come with a money-back guarantee so what have you got to lose?

New Proactiv Solution is exclusively available in the Philippines at all Watson stores + SM Department Stores nationwide. Call their Customer Service hotline (02) 729-2222 for more info!

Now, all I need to do is set aside a portion of my savings for this so I can buy one when the time comes that Jared will be needing it, neat right? 😉

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