Health + Beauty: 6 Ways to Combat Dry Winter Skin on Your Face

Have you been noticing the skin on your face changing in the past few weeks? Are you suddenly dealing with dry patches that weren’t there before? Maybe your skin feels tight or perhaps is flaking, making it quite uncomfortable. This is a common issue people can have during the winter months as the cold dry conditions tend to suck the moisture right out of your skin. Without the proper products and steps, this will only get worse. Instead of going through the discomfort, here are six ways you can effectively combat dry winter skin on your face.

Increase Your Water Intake

A really simple adjustment that you can make immediately is to increase the amount of water you’re drinking daily. Keeping your body hydrated will benefit the skin on your face and the rest of the body.

Use a Humidifier at Night

Along the same lines of hydration is also the use of a humidifier in your bedroom at night. This will impart moisture back into the air, which your skin will benefit from.

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Coupons For Good: 3 Cosmetic Companies Dedicated To Using Safe Ingredients

I am not too fond of make-up and other cosmetic products because I know most of those available in the market are laden with chemicals that may cause more harm than good. Recently, out of whim, and mostly out of the necessity to look less oily and pale when I go out, I purchased a mineral loose powder and an all-natural lip tint. I have tried the lip tint and I love how it makes the lips red and less pale. I also love the fact that only good ingredients go to my skin whenever I use it. It is good to know that more companies are ditching the harmful chemicals and choosing more natural ingredients for their cosmetic products.

As more women become aware that certain ingredients used in cosmetics can contribute to health problems, they have started to look for safer alternatives. Some chemicals cause mild allergic reactions. They’re not particularly harmful, but they are annoying. Others may contribute to cancer risks, disrupt your body’s hormone production, or cause neurotoxicity.

If you are looking for safe cosmetic products, you may want to buy from these three brands to protect yourself from dangerous chemicals and other concerns.

Sephora SkinSAFE

Image via Flickr by Mike Saechang

If you love Sephora products but you want to protect yourself from potentially harmful ingredients, focus on cosmetics from the SkinSAFE collection. Sephora SkinSAFE avoids common hypoallergenic ingredients that can cause health concerns for some. The cosmetics collection’s website also lets you sort products by ingredients to make sure that you never choose an option that will cause an allergic reaction for you.

SkinSAFE relies on research from the Mayo Clinic to provide hypoallergenic products that are safe for all women to use. When shopping online, you can even create a user profile that will suggest only products that will work well for you.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on Sephora’s SkinSAFE cosmetics to keep your skin healthy. Before you shop, check out coupons at the Goodsearch website. You can also cut costs with Sephora Coupons for Good on Facebook.

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Fine Japan Co. Ltd. Launches New Potent Collagen Drink In The Philippines

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Although some women {this mum included!} are a bit squeamish about trying new products and supplements to help them stay beautiful and youthful, I am sure that there are also those who would be adventurous enough to try out products to enhance their complexion and give them a youthful glow, especially if these products are proven to work! Well, these women need not luck further for must-try beauty products as FINE Japan Co., Ltd. recently launches its highly-effective collagen drink in the Philippines. Read more about this exciting new beauty product in the press release below:

PH Welcomes Fine Supplement Products From Japan

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