Mum Finds: Cool Number Biscuits

food, products, mum finds, bento meals

I chanced upon this Number Biscuits while doing the grocery with my boys. In my quest to make my little man’s snack  box interesting so he will be enticed to eat everything I put in there, I got a pack of this thinking this would perfect for the little schooler’s number-themed food picks. Jared has yet to find the fascination for biscuits and pastries, but I put those in his lunch box, any way, hoping he’d take a bite or two of the treats I prepared for him one of these days.

food, products, mum finds, bento meals

I immediately put these cute number biscuits to good use and included a bunch in the little one’s baon for school today. I threw in a bunch of bear-and-car-shaped slices of luncheon meat, which is among the little guy’s “unhealthy” faves. The bear-shaped luncheon meat was inspired by Paddington, Jared’s current fave film. I do hope the little guy will find these number biscuits interesting enough to eat. I guess I got too excited that I forgot to throw in a couple of cutey picks into the box. Good thing I included the little one’s fork!

What are your current lunchbox finds? I’d love to read all about it, who knows maybe my little picky eater might like it too! 🙂

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