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mum's thoughts

chic in black monday 03: fountain

This photo was taken when we went to Subic last weekend. I kinda have this thing about fountains, I think they are grand + gaudy yet peaceful+ relaxing all at the same time.The cascading waters is a site to behold + the ripples of it are infinitely mesmerizing, they always seem inviting me to dip …

mum's thoughts

preggy pictorial

I totally love this photo, it was taken when I was about 4 months pregnant with my baby. In my former work (a call center) pregnant women are transferred to the morning shift for convenience + probably more because of health considerations. Instead of toiling in my usual shift, which starts at 3pm, I was …

mum's thoughts

chic in black monday

Update: I was suppose to finish this entry last night just hours before the linky closes, but yeah, up-to-my-neck with household chores plus looking after my son (who’s quite under the weather these days), blogging has to take the backseat +  the original plan of blogging before midnight as the baby sleeps was gone the …

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