My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013 List

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The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs Writing Project is up again this year on its 7th run. It has been a while since I last join and I am glad to have find the time to write an entry {am also crossing my fingers to win the $100 cash prize :)}.

Here are my top picks of must-read blogs that I think deserves to be hailed as emerging influential blogs, which you all have got to check out if you haven’t already:

  1. ALetterWriter. Com ~ letter are just the sweetest but it is also most unfortunate that letter-writing is also a dying art. That is why I really enjoy reading all about this heart-warming letters in this blog. The world needs more letters and if this lovely blog can encourage at least one person to write down a letter then I am all for it!
  2. ~ a lovely play on words if you ask me. I love how the author gives details on each issue or topic she tackles on her blog. She sure is one mum with a lot to say and I enjoy reading a piece of her mind at the end of each post.
  3. ~it does pay to be in the know and this site is a treasure trove of valuable info and trivia about the Filipinos and the Philippines, which I absolutely like.
  4. ~ online jobs are the next big thing and if not for online projects I receive time and again I will not be able to afford to continue staying at home to care for my son, so this blog is a must-read. It features invaluable tips on how to be successful in online works and where to find the best online jobs.
  5. ~ I love discovering bloggers from my province, that is why this particular travel blog is included in my list. Love your own so they say. Bias aside, this traveller also features a host of interesting spots in the country!
  6. ~ a traveller features different local delicacies from the beautiful places in the Philippines that he visited, what could be more delicious than that? ūüėČ
  7. ~ this is a go-to place for everything and anything Pilipinas!
  8. ~ is a very interesting mum blog I just recently discovered. This sassy mum of 3 plans to exlore as much of what the world has to offer, which I absolutely like to do myself!
  9. ~ another travel blog that I have just discovered recently. Traveling is something I’d most definitely want to do if I had the resources so reading all about other people’s travel adventures is something I really enjoy.
  10. ~ spa is one of my simple pleasures, that is why I love reading about the newly-opened spas and their popular offers even when I cannot afford to go for a treatment on a regular basis. This site is a perfect hub for all things spa.

This writing project is brought to us all by  Optimind SEO Company, Infinity Hub, E-Commerce Boot Camp, and Digital Influencer Boot Camp, and runs until 15 September, 2013 so hurry and join while you still can. For rules and other details, check this post:

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Join the PLDT TelPad’s Blogger Challenge to win a MacBook Pro!

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If you are a blogger + desires to create those creative + witty post using a MacBook Pro, now is the time put those thinking caps on + join the PLDT TelPad’s Blogger Challenge! Let those creative juices flow + write your most clever post on the ¬†multitude¬†of reasons why people should upgrade their landline to a PLDT TELPAD.

1001 Reasons to Upgrade to PLDT TelPad

The future of landlines, PLDT TelPad is the current innovation from the biggest telecommunications company. It not only functions as a landline with a reliable connection that keeps you in touch with your families + friends all over the world, but also doubles as a multimedia device that provides all your communication + information needs. It also boasts of built-in widgets where you can access exclusive PLDT content such as PLDT e-Shop, PLDT@home + askPLDT. It also allows you access to numerous instructional + educational videos at a touch of your fingertips thru the PLDT TelMeHow. All these exciting features, at Plan P1849 a month for up to 1.5mbps, make the TelPad a must-have tool in the 21st centry!

How to join the PLDT TelPad’s Blogger Challenge

  1. Write your most interesting 250-word post on why we should all switch to PLDT TelPad
  2. Log on to to join the Blogger Challenge
  3. Register with your name, blog URL, address, contact number, e-mail address + submit!
  4. Post your entry on your blog + post the link, too
  5. Ask your readers + friends to vote for your amazing entry + cross your fingers!
  6. One lucky reader who voted for your post also gets a chance to win a 6G Micro SD Card so make sure to note that on your post!
  7. Three winners will be chosen depending on the following criteria:
  • Votes – 10%
  • Message Effectivity – 40%
  • Creativity – 40%
  • Buzzworthiness – 10%

Winner will be determined using the PLDT Telpad Blogger’s  Challenge leaderboard displayed on  showing the following information:

  • Name of blogger
  • Title of blog post
  • Total number of votes

The lucky winners will get the following prizes:

First Prize 
One (1) 13-inch Macbook Pro
2.4 GHZ dual core , Intel Core 15, 4GB 1333MHZ, 500GB
¬† ¬†5400‚Äďrpm, Intel HD graphics 3000
Second Prize
Five (5) 10k worth of Heat and Circles Gift Certificates
Third Prize

Five (5) 5k worth of Bistro Restaurants Gift Certificates   

Prizes are transferable {subject to the concurrence of the winners} but are not convertible. Winners will be given sixty (60) days from notification to claim their prize.

Bloggers Challenge Promo Period

This promo runs until the 31st of October + winners will be determined by 15 November, 2012.
Waste no time + join now. Visit the PLDT TelPad Website¬†for more information. Good luck everyone! ūüėČ
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