Mum Lists: 5 Top Things I love About Blogging

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My simple goal to share my adventures and mis-adventures as a mum has turned out to be so much more. I have been a mum blogger for more than a decade now. Over the years, my blogging journey has been very fruitful and rewarding. It may have taken the back burner when I got busy looking after my school-aged little man, or doing freelance writing work, or since I landed a full-time position last year, but it continues to be a source of joy and fulfillment for me.

Having said that, I have listed 5 top reasons why I simply love blogging:

Chasing my passion

Blogging has allowed me to chase my passion ~ writing. It was Jared’s dad who suggested I give it a try because he knows that I absolutely love to write. I was also looking for ways to earn while I stay at home to care for my little man. It is rather timely that monetizing blogs has just become a trend. I made my very first blog on Blogspot. There, I shared anecdotes of our day-to-day lives, baby products that I have discovered, along with my personal musings.

Through my blog, I managed to chronicle my son’s childhood and re-discover my love for writing. I would spent hours upon hours drafting and writing posts, excited to publish them on the blog afterwards. I was also given the opportunity to write about topics and causes that are very close to my heart.

Life-long learning is another passion of mine. I love to learn about new things and blogging has opened up a whole new world for me. From zero blogging knowledge, I managed to learn how to create a blog using Blogspot and, later on, WordPress, learn a bit of coding and tweak the widgets on my sidebar, and studied basic SEO which I was able to apply to my articles. I spent numerous hours learning all about blogging and reading articles on how to create effective posts or where and when to buy Instagram likes.

Sharing my blessings

In the past years, I’d always have a simple giveaway to celebrate my blog anniversary, but since the pandemic has made it difficult to ship prizes to the winners, I was unable to push through with my plans. But I have joined a group giveaway with my other mum blogger friends last year and it was such a big hit. Pooling our resources so we can provide one lucky mum with a laptop for her child’s online schooling is definitely most rewarding!

Indeed, my blog has also been a platform to share my blessings with my followers and supporters. Whether I share items I received from brands, or gifts and GCs, or of late, cash, it simply warms the heart that I am able to share in my own little way and to know that people appreciates it is truly very humbling.

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Tips + Tricks: Catering To Parents In Your Blog

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Blogging can be a lot of fun because you get to focus on something that interests you. It is especially appealing to parents because it is a way to share everything you learn as you navigate life with kids. Those that check in to read the blog are probably just as frustrated and sleep deprived as the writer. A community of parents online may be the only social activity a new mom gets during her first few months at home. Even working parents can feel isolated due to their new role as a parent. There are some specific ways to make sure your blog is a positive place for parents.


You may be a die-hard breastfeeding, stay-at-home mom, yet you want to be considerate with your content. You are naturally going to attract other moms with the same values. A blog with a narrowed down subject matter is usually more successful. This is one of the first things you learn when you research content about how to create a blog. It is important, however, to avoid negativity in your writing. You never know who is going to visit your site. You may attract people that are trying to learn about a breastfeeding lifestyle, for example. You do not want to have anything on your site that is demeaning to parents with other styles. As a blogger, you are in a great position to encourage and educate.

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