weekend blog followers caravan: rss feed follow

It’s this mum blog‘s turn to join Weekend Blog Follower Caravan this week. + our task is to gain more RSS Feeds followers by following others in return. One exciting discovery, which made me love my current  theme so much, I just found out now that this theme actually has options where you’d just insert your social media links + the widget will show up on your sidebar like magic! I was delighted with this new bit of information, so I went on to add all the relevant social media that I can. +, look, the diminutive widgets can’t be missed, they are just sitting on top of my sidebar + if you’re looking for the RSS Feeds widget, just click on the first one {the yellow bug-like thingy, yes! :)} + it will redirect you straight to my feeds. 🙂 Of course, I will be more than happy to return the favor, just leave me a note telling me where to follow back, right? 🙂

Don’t forget, you not only gain followers by joining this week’s WBFC, but you’d also have a chance to be $5 richer by next week, courtesy of our generous sponsors: Simple Pero Rock and Gen Online Ads. So, what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for a worthwhile activity to do this weekend, this must be it!

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mum + google+

It was really quite disappointing to find out that Mr. G will soon remove the Google Friend Connect widget from non-blogger blogs {like mum‘s}, imagine all our hard work from getting more + more followers going down the drain. Sad, really! 🙁

It was a good thing they came up with Google+ Pages to gain back all the followers we lost + it was like going back to square one, beginning the quest to earn followers again. Anyway, The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan for this week is very timely as I have just recently made a Google+ Page for this blog + is in dire need of new followers 🙂

To follow, simply click on that big G+ widget on my sidebar. Don’t forget to leave a comment, too, while you’re at it, right? 🙂

The Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a weekly blogger-helping-another-blogger meme, where you not only gain followers but also get a chance to win $5 each week. Thanks to our sponsors for this week: Impulsive Shopper and All About Travels, Trips and VacationsDon’t forget to click on the badge for more information on how to join.

Have a great weekend ahead 🙂

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weekend gathering hops #13

 Beauty Brite Weekend Gathering Hops
It’s Friday once again + I welcome you all to our Weekend Gathering Hops!  This 5 way link up is hosted by Adventures of FrugalmomBeck Valley Books, Beauty Britemumwrites, and Nifty Mom to help socialize with fellow bloggers, gain traffic, new followers, make new friends, and more!
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