guess what i saw on google this morning?

I was glad to have a bit of time for myself the other day when I managed to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to catch up on my online tasks + other activities {read: Facebook + whatnots! :)}. I took advantage of the fact that my little man is fast asleep + I can use the computer all to myself sans the usual interruptions from my ever-energetic little boy!

+ boy, was I delighted to see this quirky bit of artwork when I visited Google. + when I checked further, I found out that the doodle is a tribute to Charles Dickens, who is celebrating his 200th Birthday that day.  I am sure we all know who this Dickens guy is + I will bet my bottom dollar that we all have read or watched {that movie version with Ethan Hawke, remember? :)} his very famous novel, Great Expectations.

A bit of trivia about Charles Dickens:

  • He was born Charles John Huffan Dickens on 1812 in Portsmouth, England
  • This famous English novelist is well-known for his novels: A Tale of Two Cities, A Christmas Carol, Oliver Twist and The Pickwick Paper, among others
  • His final resting place is at the Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey in London

Reading about Dickens 200th birthday celebration inspired me to re-read my paperback of The Great Expectations, which is now lying lonely + gathering dust in one of my drawers at home. I made a mental note to get it the next time I visit. Reading the classics is one of the things that I enjoyed doing when I was still in school, it is something I’d love to rub on my little man + I guess there is no perfect time to teach him how to appreciate Dickens + his associates, than now.

Thought I’d share the brown doodle with Thursday Brownies 🙂

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eq diapers birthday party promo 2012

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That I am such a pack rat works well to my advantage sometimes. Well, I must admit I’ve got a few nice items for the little man from EQ Diapers {I got this cute green frog table + an alphabet wooden book, plus they also send a nice card on Jared’s birthday!} that I have never thrown a diaper pack since then. I have about more than a dozen diaper wrappers stashed in one of my eco-bags. So, you can only guess how delighted I was to find out that their yearly Birthday Party Promo is back + this time 300 lucky mums will win a McDonald’s Birthday Party for their kiddos!

This year might just well be the last year Jared will be using diapers, I can see signs of a looming potty training coming very soon + what a good way to end it by winning in this EQ promo, right? I will be mailing my entries soon so I am keeping my fingers {+ toes, too!} crossed! 😀

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something from the mail

browns, books, from my mailbox

Receiving surprises from the mail always brings a smile on my face + never fails to make me giddy like a 5-year old.  So imagine my delight when I got a package that contains these bundle of books for review. I immediately opened the parcel up + take in the wonderful + enthralling smell of new books! Bliss…

My parcel included the following interesting books that I cannot wait to devour as soon as I’ve got some free time in my hands:

  • Angel’s Dance which is a collection of uplifting + inspirational poetry
  • Hope Whispers, an anthology of inspirational poems + short stories
  • Living Lessons which is another collection of heart-warming short stories + poems

books, from my mailbox, browns

The parcel also included this book, Nurturing Paws, which is a collection of stories + poems that showcase the other “persons” in our lives, our pets. It is my favorite so far + it reminds me of all the dogs {+ a few cats} we’ve had in this lifetime + a mental note saying “must get a pet when Jared is bigger.”  The brown-pawed friend is just sooo cute + he deserves a spot on Thursday Brownies ^_^

Many thanks to sis Nancy, who shared this opportunity with me ^_^

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