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3 Things To Consider When Buying A House

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Owning a house is a significant milestone for any family. Having your own house means having a permanent place to stay where you can raise your children and make wonderful memories with them you hope they will fondly remember when they are much older.

Of course, it is never an easy ordeal to save enough so you can finally buy that dream house for your family, but if you are one of the lucky ones who did manage to save up, then here are a few things to consider when buying a house:

  1. Budget ~ Even when you thought you saved enough, owning a home may entail more expenses, so make sure to choose the one that not only meet your specifications and preferences, but also your budget. The last thing you want is to go bankrupt after you’ve purchased your dream house, or worse, have it repossessed!
  2. Strategic Location ~ The comfort and convenience of being a stone’s throw away from major establishments, like schools and hospitals, as well as the mall or police station, is another determining factor in choosing a house to buy. Home buyers almost always opt for homes that are in premier locations in a community, knowing full well that its strategic location will allow them to live with ease and convenience.
  3. Added amenities ~ Another important factor to bear in mind is the inclusion of amenities in the village where you plan to purchase a house. A Club house and a swimming pool ought to be great additional features in any village or subdivision since would-be home owners will be able to save up on pool fees and event venue rents in the future.

And if you are on the look out for a house in the south, you may want to consider the newest affordable premier development by Ovialand, Sannera. Here are a few details: 


Avida Towers Altura Tower 2: A Taste Of The Best Of Southern Living

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Avida Towers Altura Tower 2

Call it a Southern thing to throw a cool and relaxed celebration. No ruckus and immense activities, just a casual chill afternoon surrounded by a sumptuous array of street eats. This is how Avida Land carried out the launch of its Avida Towers Altura Tower 2, the sequel high-rise residential development within the South Park District, to perfectly capture the essence of Southern living.

A second-helping in all aspects could not be resisted at the Avida Towers Altura Tower 2 “Park ‘n Dine at South Park District” event. It was a gastronomic feast with food trucks of various cuisines assembled along National Road, Alabang, meant to let guests experience what it’s like to have the best of both worlds at an Avida home in the South.

Truly the best of both worlds await the future residents of Avida Towers Altura Tower 2, being situated in a lower density residential environment of the South Park District that offers the city life conveniences in a quieter neighborhood. It has close proximity to attractions, services, retail, and dining options yet still imbibe a serene vibe.

An offer that highly suits the dynamic lifestyle of young professionals looking for a convenient distance to their daily grind and a relaxing retreat after their day is done. Avida Towers Altura Tower 2 is strategically located in a 6.6-hectare mixed-use development featuring residential, office and retail areas anchored on a central park.


Paseo Verde Construction In Full Swing

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The construction of LEED Inc.’s first project, Paseo Verde in Real, remains on track as construction goes full-swing to complete the first tower of the 1.1-hectare mid-rise condominium project.

The first tower is targeted to be completed by the end of 2015, with turnover of units happening as early as the fourth quarter of 2015. Paseo Verde is expected to be a much-awaited landmark in Las Piñas, it will be the first, fully-integrated green community to rise in the area. It is located along Real St., Pulang Lupa Uno in Las Piñas City.

Paseo Verde boasts to set a green standard of living for its owners through its efficient, eco-friendly features – amenities that focus on green architecture and puts emphasis to the company’s three environment focus: Climate change, the Clean Air Act, and the safety and health of its residents.

From energy-saving amenities, and unique structural layouts, Paseo Verde at Real’s green features will change the way we look at green living.

There are so many environment-friendly features to look forward to such as the energy-efficient streetlights which don’t make use of any electricity at all, and gets its energy from solar panels.

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2012 goal #1: buying a new home

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I am done with New Year’s resolution, I am most disappointed to find out at the end of the each year that I have not fully accomplished each of what I’ve listed at the beginning of the year. So I am christening them this time appropriately by labeling them as “goals” or my “bucket list” :)

Several dozen items hum in my head once I started thinking about goals or bucket lists, there are travels + places to visit, schools for the little one, things to buy, among others. + one of the most prominent ones is “buying a new home.”

I have only experienced renting for a few months + I realized that it will be much more practical to look for something that is rent-to-own, that way, a few more years down the road, the property will be ours. This is a lofty goal, I know, I do not even have the bank account to support my plan, but am thinking even if it is not possible to purchase a new home this year, maybe I can look around for prospects or ask my friends for invaluable suggestions.

Turned out one of my high school friends, Rochel, is now working with a local developer here in town. She visited me last Thursday + showed a few of their brochures. We’ve also discusses possible options for when I decide to purchase a property from them. I have found this particular home in one of their subdivisions which can be very ideal for my small family + fits our budget, too. We’ve scheduled to see the model unit by next week. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate so it’ll push through.

image from Mr. Google.

I am participating in a blogger campaign by Bucks2Blog for St Louis homes for sale and was compensated. The views + opinions are 100% my own, however.           

mum's thoughts

of buying our own house

Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash

One of my aspirations as a mum is to buy our own house so Jared can have a place he can totally call his own, + pardon me for thinking way too forward, so that he will have his own place once he decides to start a family of his own. ;) I know, too early to think about that, my son just turned 2 two days ago, after all! But what can I say? Mummies like me tend to think ahead of ourselves.

We were able to see several house model units last summer when one of the villages here in our city had an open-house. We’ve seen a few two-storey model houses that may just be perfect for us to start our own nest.

What I loved about this village + its model units are:

  • community – the village is a total package in one, it includes a park {where Jared + I can go for a morning walk or run}, a playground {where the little man can spend his lazy afternoon playing} and even provide shuttle service for houses located at the innermost part of the village
  • proximity – this village is located in one of the prime spots in the city + is just one karatig {that is our local take of the Jeepney} ride away from the government offices and business establishments in the city center, the churches, schools + the Post Office. It is also just a door away from the grocers
  • security – for the residents’ peace of mind, roving guards man the village round the clock. It is also flood-free {a very important point to consider when looking to buy a home}
I totally enjoyed taking a look at those fancy model units. I only wish I’d win the lottery so that I can buy one of them as soon as I can. Maybe I can even buy one of those Missouri homes for sale while I am at it ;)